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Saturday, January 14, 2012

William Hargrove

Superior Court of Law & Equity Mero District of Tennessee 1803-1805
Mary Sue Smith

Page 7 William Hargroves Guardian of Elizabeth Gardner vs William Hargroves, Admr of John Hargroves, Decd

William Hargroves, Adm of John Hargroves, dec’d was summoned to answer William Hargroves Guardian of Elizabeth Gardner in a plea of debt, that he rendered the sum of $185 lbs 18 Shillings & 4 pence North Carolina currency equal to $464.80 and damages & damages for $300.Pltf by his attorney, Bennett Searcy at May term filed the following declaration:

John Hargrove on 7 April 1791 bound himself to pay William Hargroves, Guardian for Elizabeth Gardner. John Hargroves departed this life intestate upon which at January Court 1799 William Hargroves administered all the rights and credits of said John Hargroves, dec’d but has refused to render the aforesaid amount.

William Hargrove Adm, by Thomas Stuart, his attorney, saith he has fully administered the al the goods and credits of John Hargroves, decd in his hands. continued from term to term until this term – Jury finds for the pltf. Deft to pay debt together with damages and costs of the suit. (pp29-32)

Page 57

Christopher Stump vs Josiah Green Duke

page 126

Josiah Green Duke guardian of Lucy M. Hargrove vs William Hargrove, admr of John Hargrove decd

Be it remembered that on 22 July 1803 an appeal from the county court of Davidson County was filed with the Superior Court _ “To the Court of pleas and quarter sessions – Josiah G. Duke, guardian for Lucy M. Hargrove who now sues as guardian for her ‘sometime in the latter end of the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety eight John Hargroves, father to the said Lucy, died intestate, at January court William Hargroves administered all the goods and credits of said John, decd and obtained an order to dispose of the perishable estate of the said John…

Considered by the court that same be dismissed and petitioner pay the costs.

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