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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hooper family of Middle Tennessee

Records compiled on the Hooper family of Davidson and surrounding counties.  The records are recorded in Davidson County unless otherwise noted.


Chancery file # 69
Hooper - Petition for sale of slave

Jesse Jordon, guardian of the petitioners

“The petition of Fanny Hooper, Huldy Hooper, Jesse Hooper, William Hooper, Araminta Hooper and F. Marion Hooper and James Hooper infant children of tender years and children of Churchill Hooper of Davidson County by their next friend and uncle Jesse Jordan a citizen of Davidson County shows unto your honor that in the year 1835 their Grand Mother Jane _ Hooper made a deed of gift to them for a Negro slave named Winney…”  signed Jesse Jordan 
Sworn to and subscribed before me Arpil 20th 1844 Benjamin Sharpe J. P. Davidson County Tennessee

Churchill Hoopers children of Jane T. Hooper Registered February 23rd 1835
“I Jane Hooper of Davidson County & State of Tennessee doth for the love good will & affection which I bear to my grandchildren the heirs & children of my son Churchill Hooper & a valuable consideration to me in had paid the receipt where of is hereby acknowledged hath given granted bargained & sold unto the aforesaid children & heirs of the aforesaid Churchill Hooper forever a certain Negro girl a bright mulatto named Winney a slave for life…”  Signed by her mark Jane T. Hooper 15 August 1834, witnesses Geo. W. C. Lovell, Jas. Lovell

Deposition of Jno. Robertson sworn to before Benjamin Sharpe J.P. May 4, 1844

“I am acquainted with Churchill Hooper & his family.  They reside from my fathers about two miles, he is a man of small property & his children are numerous, two girls his oldest children about 12 & 14 years of age, and able to assist their mother.  The others are small and unable to assist her.  He resides in Davidson, he is a singular man of wild habits, sometimes goes from home & remains away without making any provisions for his family, takes no control of the slave Winney, permits her to go away from home & she frequently does, & then takes no means to correct her.  Winney could if she would be useful, she is able bodied, but has the habit of going off at will, remaining away as long as she likes, she has a small boy child.  I do not think her of use to the family.  I think a slave or slaves might be purchased who would be of great value to his wife & children.

Chancery Rule # 511
William Phillips and others vs Andrew Hooper & others

On the 28th day of Nov 1849 this cause was heard before the Chancellor
Claiborne Y. Hooper left surviving him the following children Sally then married to William Phillips, Leonard K., Hudah Hooper since married to Henry Hart, Eliazabeth Hooper, Andrew Hooper and Georgiana Hooper (called in the will George Anne) and granddaughter Mary E. Fletcher only child of deceased daughter of Claiborne Y. Hooper who had been married to ____ Fletcher and died in the lifetime of her father.  Claiborne Hooper had at his death about 394 acres of land on the North side of Cumberland River about 4 miles from Nashville on the waters of Whites Creek & on the Nashville and Louisville turnpike joining the land of Jackson B. White  ____ heir and George B. Goowin,..  the other about 180 acres on the same turnpike rd ½ mile further from Nashville adj the land of George B. Goodwill & Churchill Lanier. 

Filed Feb 23rd 1903 George Mizell
Andrew H. Mizell, George Mizell, Mrs. Bettie Donelson and Mrs. Kate Turner and her husband J. Miller Turner had made settlement with George Mizell, Trustee under the will of Caliboren Y. Hooper deceased of the propery belonging to the estate of our mother Georgiana Mizell, now deceased.  Aks that George Mizell be released from the bond executed by him on May 13, 1856 under the order of the Chancery Court in the case of William Phillips vs . A. H. Hooper et als. 

Georgiana Mizell died in the city of Nashville on the 12th day of jan. 1903.

Heirs of Claborne Hooper
Elizabeth (later married Thomas Menees)
Georgiana (later married George Mizell)
Sarah wife of William Phillips
Leonard K. Hooper
Andrew J. Hooper
Mary E. Fletcher, granddaughter

Deed Book A page 244 Registered July 30, 1788 Samuel Vernor of Davidson Co., TN to Absolom Hooper of the same place, July 8, 1788, 340 acres Davidson Co. north side of the Cumberland River 2 and a half miles from Heaton’s Old Station and joins James Hollis’ corner.  Land was granted to Samuel Vernor by NC. Acknowledged by Elizabeth Vernor and James Cooper adm of Samuel Vernor in consequence of a sale of lands by said Vernor in his lifetime.

Deed Book A page 289 Registered Jan. 20, 1789 Absolom Hooper and Elizabeth Hooper his wife of Davidson Co/. TN to William Shaw of the same place, Oct. 15, 1788, 130 acres on the waters of Whites Creek part of Samuel Vernors preemption., this Jan 5, 1789.

Deed Book A. Page 341 Registered July 22, 1789  Absolom Hooper  of Davidson Co. to Robert Weakley a tract of land 230 acres on north side Cumberland River and on both sides White’s Creek adj. Peter Sides corner which was Sides now belonging to Eleazer Hamilton.  Land granted to Absolom Hoopr by NC Oct. 8 1787 for the services of Col. Martin Armstrong, grant # 33 July Term 1789.

Deed Book A. Page 350 Registered Aug. 18, 1789  Grant # 33 NC to Absolom Hooper assignee of Martin Armstrong 230 acres NS Cumberland River.  Surveyed for Hooper Sept. 9. 1785.

Deed Book B, page 211 July 29 1791, Benjamin Drake to Absalom Hooper July 11 1791, 640 acres on the east waters of Whites Creek adj. Dennis Cond__ line and Samuel Verners line. 

Deed Book C, page 28 Apr. 30, 1792 Absolom Hooper to William Hooper 85 acres on the east side of Whites Creek and North side of Cumberland River, part of preemption of 640 acres granted to Benjamin Drake.

Deed Book C page 57 July 25 1792 Absolom Hooper to Charles Parker July 11 1791 118 acres on the east fork of Whites Creek ns Cumberland River adj a corner of a 640 acre preemption of Benjamin Drake. Test Ennis Hooper and Joseph Hooper

Deed Book C page 59 July 26 1792 Absolom Hooper to David Earhart 9 July 1792 48 acres on East side of Whites Creek se coner of preemption of 640 acres of Benjamin Drake Sr.   Beginning on Hoopers line of tract he now lives on. Test John Tremble and Ennis Hooper

Deed Book C page 96 Jan. 23 1793 William Loggins to Joseph Hooper 100 acres ns Cumberland rv east fork Whites Creek said land being the east end of Loggins preemtion.

Deed Book C page 96 Jan. 23 1793 Absalom Hooper to Joseph Hooper 200 acres ns Cumberland rv east fork Whites Creek adj. Joseph Hoopers spring branch and William Hoopers corner and Thomas Taylors line, Joseph Loves line and Michael Glaves line.

Deed Book C page 231 Feb 3 1794  Elijah Robertson to Absolom Hooper 228 acres on Sycamore Creek in Tennessee and Davidson Co.

Deed Book C page 267 May 12, 1794 George Walker to Absolom Hooper 428 acres Davidson Co. on Whites Creek  joining James Mears corner.

Deed Book C page 279 May 17 1794 Absolom Hooper to Thomas Lightfoot 200 acres ns Cumberland rv on both sides of Heaton Creek adh William Stuarts corner, Sd land bein the south end of Amos Heatons preemption.

Deed Book C page 326 Aug 7 1794  Jan. 23 1793 Absolom Hooper to George Cook 131 ac east fork Whites Creek adj. William Hoopers corner and Joseph Hoopers line.

Deed Book C page 392 May 12 1795 George Cook  to Joseph Hooper to 112 ac ns of the east fork Whites Creek adj. Another tract of said Hoopers on Michael Glaves line and Jessee Reeds line and William Hoopers corner.

Deed Book C page 404 May 18 1795 Joseph Hooper to William Caldwell 100 acres ns Cumberland rv east fork Whires ck adj Loggins corner being east end of Loggins preemption.

Deed Book C page 431 Aug 10 1795 - Absolom Hooper to Bishop Asbury  tract adj Charles Parkers line one half acre Oct 13 1794, Test Joseph Hooper and Samuel Hollis

Deed Book D page 79 May 3 1799 Absolom Hooper to Ennis Hooper Nov 7 1798 a tract of 268 acres on Whites Creek including house where Ennis now lives adj James Hollis corner

Deed Book E page 202 May 8 1800 James Cryer to Absolom Hooper 274 acrres in Davidson Co. on the headwaters of the Long fork of Sycamore ck

Deed Book E page 231 Joseph Phillips to Joseph Hooper 100 ¼ acres on Whites Ck including  a speing at the place known as Hoopers Chapel, except the one half acre which chapel now stands on.

Deed Book H page 113 Bill of sale Feb 22 1821 I Nimrod Hooper of Jefferson Co. Mississippi sell to Absolom Hooper  a Negro boy named Andrew aged 37 years. 17 March 1819 proven by John Lucas and Eli Lucas

Deec Book H page 482 Nimrod Hooper to Absalom Hooper a Negro girl named Sophy 5 feb 1819, Test J. Hooper and Aklfred Mold

Deed Book W. Page 350 William Hollis to Alston Hooper Reg 24 Apr. 1834 - I William Hollis have sold to Alston Hooper one Negro boy,  Named Tom, which Negro is left to said Hollis’s wife, which was Elizabeth Hooper, by her father Thomas Hooper decd. At the death of her mother or marrige to go to said Hollis;s wife

1787 Tax List
Absalom Hooper with 7 taxables (males of legal age) 18? 21?
William Hooper with 1 taxable

1805 Enumeration
Hooper, Absalom with 3 free white males
Hooper, Anne with 0 free white males
Hooper, Church with 1 free white males
Hooper, Jesse with 1 free white males
Hooper, Joseph with 2 free white males
Hooper, Thomas with 1 free white males

1812 Enumeration of free males
in Capt Haile's Militia Company         Geo. S. Allen, Esq.     418      Thomas            Hooper
 in Capt Haile's Militia Company        Geo. S. Allen, Esq.     431      Jesse    Hooper
 in Capt Cloyd's Militia Company      Saml. Shannon, Esq.   775      Absolom          Hooper Jnr
 in Capt Cloyd's Militia Company      Saml. Shannon, Esq.   784      Absolom          Hooper Senr
 in Capt Cloyd's Militia Company      Saml. Shannon, Esq.   785      Nimrod            Hooper
 in Capt Birdwell's Militia Company  Jos. Love, Esq.            1510    Joseph Hooper

Tennesseans before 1800, Marjorie Fischer
Hooper, Absolom Sen.  Earliest date and record
Hooper, Absolom  (A., Ab., Abs. , Absm., Absalom) Earliest date and record  Nov. 6, 1783 Davidson Co. Will Book 1, page 5 deposition of Absolom Hooper regarding Daniel Oglesby of SC and Natchez  1783 latest 1800
Hooper, Ann Earliest date and record 1800
Hooper, Churchill (Church, Churchwell) Earliest date and record 1796 1800
Hooper, Ennis (Eanas, Enas, Eneas, Enias, Eness, Enis, Enos, Eunis) Earliest date and record 1788 latest 1800
Hooper, Elizabeth Earliest date and record  1788 lates 1797
Hooper, George Earliest date and record  1799 only listed twice
Hooper, Jas. Earliest date and record 191 only listed once
Hooper, Jesse Earliest date and record 1799 only listed twice
Hooper, Jno. Earliest date and record 1796
Hooper, Jos. Earliest date and record 1799
Hooper, Jos. Jun. Earliest date and record 
Hooper, Joseph Earliest date and record  1791 latest 1800
Hooper, Joseph Jun. Earliest date and record  1799
Hooper, Sallie Earliest date and record 1797
Hooper, Sinah Earliest date and record 1795
Hooper, Thomas (Thos.) Earliest date and record 1800
Hooper, Thomas Sen. Earliest date and record  1800 only listed twice
Hooper, William (Wm.) Earliest date and record  1785  latest 1797

1820 census
Ann                 Dav 91
Asa                  Dav 95
Churchwekk    Dav 91
Jeptha              Dav 95
Jesse                Dav 92
John                 Dav 73
John                 Dav 83
Joseph             Dav 71
Joseph             Dav 94
Mary                Dav 95
Thomas                        Dav 91
Wm.                Mt

1840 Census

Hooper, Alston D-389            011101-211001
Hooper, Churchwell D-379    210001-12001
Hooper, Churchwell Sr. D-380           1111101-2010001
Hooper Clabourn Y. D-360    0110001-1211
Hooper, Jane T. D-379            0-0000000001
Hooper, Jesse  D-379  10001-10011
Hooper, John D-380   201001-112101
Hooper, Lucy    D-373            0-0
Hooper, Mary      D-381         11-01011
Hooper, Matilda    D-381                   0-010101
Hooper, William C.    D-380   10001-0001
Hooper, William T.    D-379   00001-10001
Hooper, William T.    D-380   11120101-11100001
Hooper, Wilson L.   D-389       0220001-200101

Hooper, Claiborne       10001-21001
Hooper, Austin (Alston)  111001-11001
Hopper, Thomas  1200001-00121
Hooper, Jas.    20002-110100011
Hooper, Jane  10001-10110001
Hooper, John  0101001-012001
Hooper, Churchill  211011-111001
Hooper, Jesse  0101200001-101110001
Hooper, Martin  11001-10001
Hooper, William  1212001-102001
Hooper, John R. 010001-21101
Hooper, Jeffrey 221001-110101
Hooper, Absalum est. Of
2 houses away is
Harper, Elizabeth  0001-00100001

Hooper, A. 60 (m) Ce-95
Hooper, A. M.   77(f) Ce-93
Hooper, Andrew J. 24 D-19-329
Hooper. Churchill 50, Elizabeth 45, Marion 20, William 17, Arminta 23, Warren 16, Letitian 13, Amanda 11, Elizabeth 9, Mary 6 D-3_
Hooper, Clabe 15  D-33
Hooper, Clinton 31, Lucy 31, Thomas J. 1. Edmond A. 2/12 Elizabeth 1/12 D-30-483
Hooper, E. L. 34 (m), E. F. 27 (f), J. C. 9, R. C. 6 (f), E. L. 4 (m), S. C. 2 (m), W. V. 7/12  (f)  Ce-98

Hooper, Ennis 25

Hooper, George 36,

Hooper, H. 70,

Hooper, J. 48

Hooper, J. B. 50 (m)

Hooper, J. M. 26 (m)


Will of Claborne Y. Hooper probated ____ WB 14 page 259
Written December 10, 1847
My granddaughter Mary E. Fletcher one thousand dollars, I appoint my son Leonard her guardian, I also give to her the Negroes now in the possession of her father, which I gave to her mother & children.  I give to my six children,
Andrew &
GeorgeAnn and their children the balance of my estate.  It is my will that property willed ot my daughters  be in trust, I appoint my son Leonard and son in law Wm. Phillips
trustees for that purpose.  My executors to sell my land on the Mississippi River in Arkansas .

I appoint my son Leonard, my son in law Wm. Phillips & F. R. Rains my executors.
Witnesses -  John P. Markham, Saml. L. Wharton

Original wills - Metro Archives
Will of Absalom Hooper Senr. probated 8/25/1813 WB 4 page 246
Written August 15 1811

Absalom Hooper Senr.
To my daughter Hetty Jones one hundred dollars in cash
My son Joseph Hooper one Negro man named Isam and one Negro woman named Mary.
My daughter Sinia Alston five dollars
My son Absalom Hooper seventy acres of land and Negroes Cesar, Winney, little Sam, Clary, Bill, old Sam and Sarah and the smith tools.
My daughter Elizabeth Robertson
My son Nimrod Hooper four hundred and twenty eight acres of land being the place where I now live and Negroes Big Andrew, Dave, little Andrew, Jim, Bosun and Fan.
To my two sons Absalom and Nimrod all of my stock and all of my household and kitchen furniture and all of my farming tools. 
To my daughters Hetty Jones & Elizabeth Robertson and my two sons Absalom Hooper and Nimrod Hooper that part of the estate of Joseph Holmes that is coming to me.

I appoint my trusty friend John Lucas and my son Absalom Hooper my executors
Witnesses S. Shannon, Isaac Lucas, Susannah Lucas

Will of Churchill Hooper probated 11/8/1808 WB
Written November 17, 1807

Churchill Hooper
My son Thomas Hooper & my daughter Elizabeth Joslin two little Negroes now over at Thomas Hickman's named Lewis & Lamb & my son Thomas have his choice of the two.
My daughter Tiddy Dozier one hundred dollars
My daughter Jerusha Hooper one hundred dollars
The rest of my property to be divided between my wife and the rest of my children not mentioned above. 
I appoint my brother Thomas Hooper executor.
Witnesses A. Walker, Benj. D. Pack

Will of Thomas Hooper probated 6/16/1826 WB  8 page 556
Written Jan. 5 1826
Thomas Hooper
My wife Jane T. Hooper bed and furniture and a Negro woman named Faith, a Negro boy named Tom, one Negro woman named Jude, one mare and colt, land where I now live for the purpose of raising my two children, Churchill Hooper and Elizabeth Hooper.
To my beloved son Churchill a tract of land on Sams Creek Davidson Co. 150 acres and a tract on the Cumberland River lying below where George Haile lives 100 acres, a Negro man named Harry and a Negro woman named Faith, one Negro boy named John, one girl named Winney & one named Caroline and one woman named Jude to be put in his possession at age twenty one or when he marries if before the age of twenty one., except the Negroes Faith and Jude who are to remain with my wife.
To my daughter Elizabeth Hooper the tract where I now live after the death of her mother150 acres and another 40 acre tract on the Cumberland River just below Hickman’s Ferry and four small dowers of land part of Churchill Hoopers Widdow after her death and the following Negroes one woman named Linder, one boy named Tom, one girl named Ellen, one boy named Jim, one woman named chain, Elizabeth to have her share when she reaches age twenty one or marries.  My brother in law William Lovell and my son Churchill Hooper Executors.  Witnesses Anne M. Hooper and Jesse Hooper

William Hooper's 1825

Montgomery County, Tennessee Will
The text of this will was transcribed and emailed to <> by Wade Glascock on 9 March 1998 and has been reproduced with his permission. Punctuation and formatting have been added for clarity.

State of Tennessee
Montgomery CountyIn the name of God Amen. I William Hooper of the County and State aforesaid being weak and low in body but of sound mind and perfect memory do constitute and ordain this to be my last will and testament. After all my just debts are paid I do give and bequeth all my worldly estate in manner and form following, that is

I give unto my beloved wife Sarah Hooper all my estate consisting of lands, negroes, stock, household and kitchen, farming, plantation utensils and to use and improve for the maintainance of my children who are now in a state of Minority during the term of her natural life or widowhood, and if she should marry, it is my will that she shall have one negro girl named Hannah and one named Sarah and one named Lewerese for her use during her natural life and at her death she is to give them with increase to some or all of her children as she may think fit and if she dies without a will they are to be equally divided amongst all of her children, and furthermore she is to have one horse saddle and bridle one bed and furniture one cow and calf and she is to have the use of the plantation whereon I now live during her natural life and then it is to be sold and equally divided amongst all my children
furthermore it is my will that each of my children that is now in a state of minority, to wit James B. Hooper and Peggy Montgomery and Burrel Young Hooper, when each of them shall marry or come of age that they shall become an equal part with the rest that has married, that is one horse, saddle, and bridle, one bed and furniture, one cow and calf, and as much more as my wife Sarah Hooper shall think right so as to amount to one hundred and twenty dollars
and furthermore it is my will that James B. Hooper should have fifty dollars worth of my personal property for a mare that his Grandmother Hollis gave him which was sold for fifty dollars
and also that Peggy Montgomery Hooper should have one bed and furniture that her Grandmother gave her
it is further my will that after the death of my wife Sarah Hooper that all my estate both real and personal which has not otherwise been appropriated should then be sold and equally divided between all my children named as follows
Polly Berry
Wilson Hooper
Elizabeth Davis
Pheraby Young
Asa Hooper
Frances Lemaster
Sally Holt
James B. Hooper
Peggy Montgomery Hooper
Burrel Young Hooper
and I do hereby nominate and appoint my beloved wife Sarah Hooper and Robert Davis my lawful executors to this my last will and testament. In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this the 17th day of June anno domini Eighteen Hundred and Twenty Five.
William Hooper

signed and sealed in presence of

Daniel Oglesby
Joseph Smith jurat
Elizabeth  Oglesby jurat
Mathew  Smith jurat

Recorded April Term 1827

Elizabeth Hooper probated 3/6/1902 WB 35 page 623
Written October 16, 1879

Henry Hooper two hundred dollars
Marian Hooper two hundred dollars
Brown Hooper two hundred dollars
Melvin Hooper two hundred dollars
Araminta Beck two hundred dollars
Litisa King two hundred dollars
Elizabeth Stephens two hundred dollars
Mary Ann Hall two hundred dollars
Jesse Hooper, Fanny Hollis and Huldy Dorson having received two hundred dollars each from their Grandmother Hooper's estate it being the sale of a Negro woman Winny & her child which was intended to my heirs equal. 
I give to Henry Hooper and Marian Hooper one hundred and twenty six dollars it being the amount furnish me to cincintha
also to Jesse Hooper heirs thrity dollars
Brown Hooper forty dollars
Request my executors furnish toomstones for Churchill Hooper, Amanda Hooper andy myself .
To Henry Hooper one bed
To Latisa King one bed
Appoint Henry Hooper and Marian Hooper Executors
Witnesses Warren Jordan, W. W. Jordan, W. E. Watkins, Jas. K. Blackman

Will Book 1  page 47 Inv. Of James Moore July 1786, Abrm Hooper, William Hooper

Will Book 1 page 69 Inv. Of James Preson July 1788 some of the estate in the hands of Eneas Hooper, Danl Oglesby, Robt. Heaton and Mr. Burris. July 10 1788

Will Book 1 Saml Vernor to Absolom Hooper Feb. 21 1786 bond proven July 8 1788

WB 2pa119 Noah Sugg deed of gift to my son in law Joseph Hooper and daughter Elizabeth Hooper a Negro girl names Bess Dec. 5 1797

WB 2 page 203 Inventory of Ennis Hooper and inv. Of the goods and chattels of the estate of Ennis Hooper, Anne Hooper adm. Rec. March 2, 1802

WB 3 page 104 Settlement of Ennis Hooper decd. Apr. 22, 1806

WB 3 page 199 Inv. Of Anne Hooper decd, Daniel Young Adm. Jan. Term 1808

WB 4 page 278 account of the heirs of C. Hooper decd. By Thos. Hooper.
Feb. 14, 1814 Lucreasy Hooper, Polly Hooper, Jerusha Hooper heirs of Churchwell Hooper
Middle Tennessee Hoopers

Generation No. 1

Children of UNKNOWN HOOPER are:
2.                i.    CHURCHILL2 HOOPER, b. Bef. 1764; d. 1808, Davidson Co. TN.
3.               ii.    JESSE HOOPER, b. March 23, 1758; d. July 08, 1839, Davidson Co. TN.
4.              iii.    THOMAS HOOPER, SR..
5.              iv.    WILLIAM HOOPER, b. Bef. 1770; d. Abt. 1827, Montgomery Co., TN.
                  v.    ENEAS HOOPER, b. Bef. 1778; m. ANNE YOUNG, March 13, 1796, Davidson Co. TN.
6.              vi.    ABSALOM HOOPER, b. Bef. 1759; d. Abt. 1813, Davidson Co., TN.

Generation No. 2

2.  CHURCHILL2 HOOPER (UNKNOWN1) was born Bef. 1764, and died 1808 in Davidson Co. TN.  He married POLLY
Children of CHURCHILL HOOPER and POLLY are:
                   i.    THOMAS3 HOOPER, b. Bef. 1788; d. 1826; m. JANE T. LOVELL, February 25, 1808.
                  ii.    ELIZABETH HOOPER, b. Bef. 1786; m. GABRIEL JOSLIN, December 18, 1801, Davidson Co. TN.
                 iii.    TIDDY HOOPER, b. Bef. 1790; m. PETER DOZIER, May 02, 1806, Davidson Co. TN.
                 iv.    JERUSHA HOOPER.
                  v.    FERABA HOOPER.
                 vi.    LUCINDA HOOPER.
                vii.    POLLY HOOPER.
               viii.    JOHN R. HOOPER.
                 ix.    SINA HOOPER.
                  x.    LENA HOOPER.

3.  JESSE2 HOOPER (UNKNOWN1) was born March 23, 1758, and died July 08, 1839 in Davidson Co. TN.  He married ELIZABETH EADS.  She died August 23, 1839 in Davidson Co. TN.
                   i.    MARY3 HOOPER, m. HENRY STORY.
                  ii.    WILLIAM T. HOOPER, b. Abt. 1786, Georgia; m. ELEANOR GOODRICH; b. Abt. 1795, North Carolina.
                 iii.    JOHN HOOPER, b. February 25, 1788, Georgia; d. July 16, 1885, Cheatham Co., TN; m. (1) POLLY FOSTER, July 05, 1809, Davidson Co., TN; b. January 04, 1794; m. (2) SARAH TAYLOR WILLIAMS, September 01, 1849, Davidson Co., TN; b. December 27, 1817.
                 iv.    MARTHA HOOPER, b. Abt. 1790, Ga; m. JAMES BENNINGFIELD, January 13, 1808, Davidson Co., TN.
                  v.    CHURCHILL L. HOOPER, b. Bef. 1796; m. NANCY RUSSELL, August 23, 1814, Davidson Co. TN; b. Abt. 1797.
                 vi.    ALSTON HOOPER, b. Abt. 1800; m. MARY POLLY ALLEN, January 24, 1821, Davidson County, Tennessee; b. December 28, 1804; d. December 25, 1864.
                vii.    ELIZABETH HOOPER, b. Abt. 1800; m. THOMAS CARTWRIGHT, January 18, 1838, Davidson Co., TN.
               viii.    ANNA HOOPER, b. Abt. 1802; m. THOMAS RUSSELL, July 19, 1820, Davidson Co., TN; b. Abt. 1798; d. Aft. 1870.
                 ix.    ISAAC HOOPER, b. Bef. 1806; m. MATILDA DOZIER, September 24, 1826.

Child of THOMAS HOOPER, SR. is:
                   i.    THOMAS3 HOOPER, JR., m. NANCY LOVELL, April 17, 1809, Davidson Co., TN.

5.  WILLIAM2 HOOPER (UNKNOWN1) was born Bef. 1770, and died Abt. 1827 in Montgomery Co., TN.  He married SARAH HOLLIS March 04, 1789 in Davidson Co. TN. 
                   i.    POLLY3 HOOPER.
                  ii.    WILSON HOOPER.
                 iii.    ELIZABETH HOOPER.
                 iv.    PHEREBY HOOPER, m. YOUNG.
                  v.    ASA W. HOOPER, b. Abt. 1798; m. MARGARET; b. Abt. 1800, South Carolina.
                 vi.    FRANCES HOOPER, m. LEMASTER.
                vii.    SALLY HOOPER, m. HOLT.
               viii.    JAMES B. HOOPER.
                 ix.    PEGGY HOOPER.
                  x.    BURREL HOOPER.

6.  ABSALOM2 HOOPER (UNKNOWN1) was born Bef. 1759, and died Abt. 1813 in Davidson Co., TN.
Children of ABSALOM HOOPER are:
                   i.    SINAH3 HOOPER, b. Bef. 1780; m. JOHN ALSTON, June 04, 1795.
                  ii.    ABSALOM HOOPER, b. Bef. 1782; m. KITTY LUCAS, February 01, 1812.
                 iii.    ELIZABETH HOOPER, b. Bef. 1786; m. DAVID ROBINSON, December 19, 1801.
                 iv.    JOSEPH HOOPER, b. Bef. 1792.
                  v.    NIMROD HOOPER, b. Bef. 1792; m. NANCY LUCAS, September 05, 1809, Davidson Co. TN.
                 vi.    HETTY HOOPER, b. Bef. 1795.


  1. Hello: I have been doing a little research on the property on 2914 Dickerson Pike, Nashville TN where the Congress Inn Motel is located. I found that Claiborne Young Hooper was the original owner of this plantation property. It is said to be haunted from the Civil War times as it was used as a hospital for the war victims.

  2. The house now used for the Congress Inn was built on property that once belonged to Claiborne Hooper, but this was not his house. It was the home of one of his daughters, Huldah Hooper Hart. Huldah Hooper Hart and her husband Henry Hart built the house in the late 1860's, after the war had ended. In later years it belonged to Mrs. Mary Lee Vaughn. Claiborne Hooper's house was nearby and burned sometime after his death in 1848. Another daughter, Mrs. Phillips built a mansion at the former site of the Claiborne Y. Hooper home. She called her home Hillhurst.