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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Castleman Family Davidson County, Tennessee

Various wills from Davidson County will books.
John Castleman, written April 25, 1820, probated August 13, 1821, WB 8, page 15
My beloved wife Martha
My son Benjamin Castleman
My daughter Margaret Green’s heirs
My son Andrew Castleman, an idiot
Son Benjamin Castleman and Isaiah Green Executors
Witnesses Samuel Steele and Thomas Spurg and Campbell Hays

County Court minutes indicate that Absalom Gleaves was appt. administrator for the estate of John Castleman

Jacob Castleman, written Feb. 5, 1803
Recorded December 21 1803.  WB 4,
My wife Eleanor
My son Abraham
Morris Shane
My daughter Patience Castleman and Andrew Castleman

Benjamin Castleman written September 27, 1824, recorded WB 8, page 512
My wife Amelia Casltleman
My three sons Abraham, Benjamin and James
My other two sons Lewis and David
Mentions bond on Benjamin and Jacob Castleman of Wilson County
Daughters Sally Bon, Rhoda Bon, Betsy Castleman and Susan Castleman
Andrew Castleman Executor
Witnessed August 27 1825 by James Cooper and David Cartwright

Andrew Castleman
Wife Margarett
Robert B.
Other children not named
Sinai Phipps, relation not given
Susan Satterfield, relation not given

Henry Castleman, written March 18, 1849
My wife Elizabeth Castleman
Five children that is hers with me
All of the children
My two sons Burrel P Castleman & Huston L. Castleman, Executors