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Monday, September 17, 2012

Christmas Memories by Jim Allen

Christmas Memories

I remember pretty well a Christmas in 1947 when all the young family men were home from WWII.   Everyone   made a point of congregating at the home of   maternal grandparents, the Jordans on Elizabeth Street (where the present School Board Office sits now).   Dillard Allen, John R. Bright, Jr., Jere Jordan (all now deceased) and James Harper had just recently made it home from their service tours in the war, all safe and sound for which everyone was thankful.   I recall it was a very cold day, especially for outhouse visits.   Many of us came down from Nashville the night before and spent Christmas Eve at the house.

I recall that Uncle Jesse Harper had to work Christmas Eve and he came down after getting off from work.  On the way he fell asleep and crashed his automobile into a rock wall up around Scottsboro.   Dad and some of the others went up to get him after he called. He was not hurt in the accident but the car was a total loss.

Other memories of this particular Christmas were of my twin brother being attacked by one of the Tom Turkeys that roamed the yard.   Breakfast consisted of Possum and sweet potatoes, country ham and biscuits with gravy.   The Dinner was late in the afternoon and consisted of all the traditional fare such as turkey and dressing plus about everything else that you'd normally expect.

I remember Aunt Bess Jordan turned thanks and indicated that we were blessed in that all the 'boys' had returned safely from the war.   Grandaddy Jordan smiled -- about the only time I ever saw him do that (It just wasn't in his nature to smile about anything and he never said much either.   As a matter of fact "Don't be spittin in the well" was about all I can remember him ever saying to us kids.)

Everyone (the grownups) wanted some 'spike' for the boiled custard and egg nogg. Cousin Jere Jordan said he knew where some could be had within a short while even if it was Christmas Day.   He was asked to go get it and asked if anyone wanted to take a ride.   No one volunteered so he asked me to get in the car and go with him.   I got into his brand new Chrysler and away we went.   I remember that pretty soon all the telephone poles along highway 12 south gave the appearance of being only a few inches apart.   I asked him how fast we were going and he said a little over 110.   We got the 'spike' at a place in Scottsboro and returned just as fast.   Nobody believed we had gone all the way to Scottsboro and back.

I remember that was the Christmas that my cousin Joan Jordan received a new bicycle and let me try it out.   I got on and started across the front yard and soon smack into the fence around the cornfield which would be down toward where the Tucker/Empson Building is now located.   I slid off the seat and hit the crossbar which comes up between your legs on the bike.   It was quite a while before my voice returned to   normal from a very squeaky sound.   (Some Christmas Memories are sweet and some just leave a lasting impact.)      

 Jim Allen

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