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Friday, January 3, 2014

Lena Yaryan

Chancery # 10993 John Yaryan, guardian of Lena Yaryan vs Joseph H. Thompson et als

Answer of Lena Yaryan by her guardian ad litem and by herself, to the bill of complaint of John L. Yaryan, her father, next friend and regular guardian (in the state of Indiana) filed in Chancery Court of Davidson County, Tennessee against said Lena and others.

Respondent admits that the late Felix R. Rains we her grandfather;…her mother (as intended in the bill) was sister of the half blood to her co-defendants Robert L. and James R. Rains and Mrs. Alice Robertson (sic) wife of deft. J. S. Robinson, that she is sixteen years of age, resides in Wayne County, Indiana…

John H. Thompson, Esec & c of Felix R. rains, decd., Robert L. Rains, Alice Robinson, James S. Robinson, James K. Rains, Mary E. Rains

Deposition of James K. Rains.

Q.  Do you know Lena Yaryan if so state her age
A.  I do know her & my recollection is that she is seventeen years in March 1884…

Chancery  # 10076 Costan Sawyer vs, William Sawyer & others. April 1881
William Sawyer, John Sawyer, Mary Sawyer, Tabitha Sawyer, Milton Sawyer, Thomas Howe, guardian of Samuel Howe and Arlena Howe, Samuel Howe, Arlena Howe, Elizabeth Sawyer, guardian of Milton and Lafayette Sawyer, Lafayette Sawyer.

Tabitha Sawyer Lafayette and Milton are infants of whom Eliza is guardian and Sammi and Arlena are infants and grandchildren of Wm. H. Sawyer decd, that Eliza is the widow of Wm. H. Sawyer, that said Elizabeth Horn/Howwe is dead and that all other defendants are adults and children of Wm. H. Sawyer. Decd..Wm. H. Sawyer died intestete Jan 1873? In this county…Complt was duly appt admin of his estate 5th day of Jan 1874.  Jefferson Sawyer died 1873 and was a son of said Wm. H. Sawyer and died without issue leaving surviving his brothers and sisters

Chancery # 10077 Edward Gannaway Adm. Vs Wade Wright et als
John T. Wright, Wade Wright, Peter F. W. Wright, Barney Wright, Jas. William Wright, Mrs. Hortentia Pugh, Mrs. Marina McClendon, Mrs. Rury Jane Wright and the children and heirs of Elizabeth Fuqua deceased, all being the heirs at law of Missouri J. Wright deceased

Missouri Jane Wright died intestate in the county of Davidson 1875 owning at her death the following described real estate: Being a tract of land situated in Davidson Co. in the 16th district being know as the lands of Hollis Wright decd, contiant 157 acres and 22 poles DB 36;489

Following heirs of Missouri Jane Wright
John T. Wright  1/9
Wade Wright,  1/9
Peter F. W. Wright, 1/9
Barney Wright, 1/9
 Jas. William Wright, 1/9
Mrs. Hortentia Pugh, wife of George Pugh 1/9
Mrs. Marina McClendon,wife of Thos. McClendon 1/9
Mrs. Rury Jane Wright, wife of James L. Wright 1/9
Heirs of Elizabeth Fuqua dec as follows:
            Henry Fuqua ¼ of 1/9 or 1/36
            Jasper Fuqua ¼ of 1/9 or 1/36
            Benjamin Fuqua ¼ of 1/9 or 1/36
            William a minor ¼ of 1/9 or 1/36

My name is John T. Wright age 38 years I reside in Nashville I am a son of John & Missouri Wright..(depostion of John t. Wright, May 8, 1882)

Chancery # 9515 Louisa Binkley vs William Binkley
Respectfully complain your oratrix shows your honor that she and the defendant were married in Davidson Co., TN on the 16 day of January 1879, that she was bornd in and have lived in TN all her life that for more than ten years she has been a resident citizen of Davidson Co that for some time previous to her marriage she kept a private and descent boarding house on Market Street, city of Nashville and had a considerable amount of  furniture in fact she was pleasantly situated and doing well…that before her said marriage she was a widow and has now five living children the youngest about seven years of age…that she is now 45 years old…that while keeping her boarding house…the defendant a wiower, frequently called and took his meals and an intimacy sprung up which ripened into marriage…Before said marriage her former husband Walter Murry had abandoned her, had fled the state…she obtained divorce from Murry in 1878
…under such fair promises she consented to wed him and did so on the day & year stated aforesaid.  The defendant had her to break up her boarding house and move out on his farm situated on Stones River near to the rail road bridge near to the Hermitage Depot.  She carried with her household and kitchen furniture…

Chancery 10057 James Baker vs W. B. Binkley

Q. What is your name and what relationship are you the the parties compl.

A. I am the mother of James Baker, Mr. Ballentine is my husbands nephew.

Q. How long have you known Mr. Ballentime and the two Steele girls that

A. I have known them all their lives, I knew the mother and father of the two Steele girls they lived close to us, Their names were Sarah, Ann, Elisabeth Steele & Amanda Rosa Isabel Steele but they never called them anything but Ann & Rosa.

Q. Do you know the ages of the two girls & if so please state it.

A.  I know their ages by a reference ot he time of their Mothers death which occurred on the 10th Feb. 1858.  Anna was three years old 28th January 1858.  Rosa was born in October before the death of her mother about four months old then, I don’t think Jimmy Balentine is old as Jimmy Baker.    H. Baker sworn to 17 Oct 1881

Rec. July 10 1873 Anna & Rosa Steel guardian report         To the Hon County Court of Davidson County
I beg leave to report that I was appointed guardian of Anna and Rosa Steel on the 5th day of March 1860…I have recd the sum of $30 from Wm Binkley admr of Thos Steel..
The share of my wards in the real estate of their grandfather John Wright..respt Gilpen Hallum

James A. Baker, Anna Baker, James J. Ballentine, Rosa Ballentine vs William B. Binkley, Joseph Binkley, C. C. Castleman
Thos. J. Steele died intestate ---- leaving his surviving his two children the compl Anna and Rosa as his sole heirs

Francis Baker 63 years old 19th of this month (sworn to 9th Sept 1881) occupation farmer father of James A. Baker.  When was he (James A. Baker) born 22 day of Sept 1853

(J. J. Ballentine) From the best information I know he is about 2 years younger than my son and is my nephew and I have known him all his life.

James Baker to Annie Steel 26th Dec. 1872, J. E. Wright JP
James J. Ballentine to Amanda R. Steel 6th  day of Sept. 1876 J. R. Evans JP

Chancery # 9154 Lou Ann Bryan vs. John A. Bryan et als

Lou Ann Bryan, Newell W. Bryan, Robert J. Bryan, Finis E. Bryan, Nannie T. Strayhorn, wife of John Y. Strayhorn nd Stephen B. Bryan – lunatic are the only children and heirs of Eliabeth Bryan deceased concerning division of land of James Rains.

Note with no source, appears to be from Chancery Court.
To the Chancellor of the Middle Division of Tennessee Elizabeth Bryan, wife of John T. Bryan a citizen of Madison County, TN who by her next friend John Rains bring this her bill of complaint.

Against John T Bryan her husband, Felix Rains & James Rains, administrators of John Rains, late of Davidson Co., and Nathanial L. Bivins, William H. Stone and John S. Dunnaway of Madison County, Tennessee and Carlton D. Brian, clerk of this court, defendants.

And therefore the complainant says that she is the daughter, and one of the nine children of John Rains, late of Davidson county Tennessee, who died interstate, at his residence in said county, about the month of September, 1855 seized and _____of a considerable real and personal estate, to one ninth of which she is entitled.

…that some years ago the said John Rains conveyed certain Negroes to his daughter, Christianna H. Stree, formerly Rainy..

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