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Friday, January 3, 2014

Shane Family

Notes on the Shane Family, Davidson County, TN  

                                     T H E   S H A N E   F A M I L Y

MORRIS SHANE                                - PHOEBE CASTLEMAN
B: 1760’s Ireland                                     B: 1770 Virginia
D: June 1821 DavCoTn                           D: 1831 DavCoTn     M: 1786 Territory South
                                                                                                          of the River Ohio
                                                                (Dau. of Jacob Castleman, Sr. and Rhoda
                                                                  Patience Robertson)
Family tradition says Morris came from Ireland to Virginia, and so far nothing is known of the Shane Family before that time.  He came to Tennessee as a Soldier in the Continental Line from North Carolina and received a Land Grant in Tennessee for his services.  By all accounts he was a very colorful and brave backwoodsman.  He was a part of the Kasper Mansker group that came to now Sumner County in 1779 or 1780.

In 1783, Morris was seriously wounded by Indians on the north side of the Duck River while returning with Capt. Wm. Pruett's Company from a punitive expedition against the Indians. (Clayton)

(2-16-1784 DavCoTn) Preemption Warrant #291 for 640 Acres on Mansker’s Creek.

In 1786, he married Phoebe Castleman, the daughter of Jacob Castleman, Sr., and they became the parents of 12 children.  He was close to the Castleman and Buchanan families and accompanied them on many of their exploits on the frontier.  They both helped to defend the forts on the frontier of the Cumberland Settlement. (Haywood, Clayton, Guild.)

In 1787, Morris served in the Chicamauga Campaign according to Pay Voucher #92 for Davidson County, Tenn. (North Carolina Archive Records)

(9-26-1791 DavCoTn, Bk. 66-53) No. Car. Grant No. 145, for 320 Acres on Stoners Creek deeded to John Donelson.

In September of 1792, he and his wife Phoebe were present at Buchanan’s Station for a great Indian battle, which events are recorded in the Davidson County history books.  They both lived during extremely dangerous times and lost many of their loved ones and friends during this time of taming the frontier.  He was known as a long hunter and fierce defender of the Cumberland Settlement.  Phoebe lost two of her brothers, Jacob, Jr. and Joseph, along with cousin William Castleman, to the attacks of the Indians while they were out hunting for food near Hays Station around 1791. Her uncle John Castleman, Sr. survived the attack but was so badly wounded, he had to be dragged into the station.

Their homeplace was located on what is today known as Hoggett’s Ford Road on the East Side of Stones River, and their Shane Family Cemetery is still there in 2011.

(2-25-1803 DavCoTn Bk. 2, p. 339) Will of Jacob Castleman, Sr. . . . . “To Morris Shean I give and devise all that part of my tract of land on Stone’s River waters which I purchased of James Robertson that lies south of Stoners Lick Creek by the same more or less, being the same whereon said Shean now lives, to him, his heirs and assigns forever.”

(1820 Davidson County Census)
(5-18-1821 DavCoTn Bk. 8, p. 14) Morris wrote his Will.
(8-18-1821 DavCoTn Bk. 8, p. 24) Inventory of the Estate of Morris.
(10-15-1823 DavCoTn Bk. 8, p. 282) Settlement of Morris’s Estate.
(1830 DavCoTn-D-259) Phoebe a Widow, living with her was James B., Cornelius, Rebecca and Eleanor.
(12-5-1836 DavCoTn Bk. 11, p. 109) Inventory of Phoebe Shane’s Estate.
(12-17-1836 DavCoTn Bk. 11, . 114-5) Estate Sale of Phoebe.
(12-20-1837 DavCoTn Bk. 11, 331-2) Estate Settlement after Phoebe’s death.

They are both buried in the Shane Cemetery on the righthand side of Hoggett’s Ford Road off Central Pike in Hermitage, Davidson Co., Tenn.  In January 2008, the public road is encroaching on their burial ground.


1. PATIENCE SHANE                    -  Samuel Steele
    B: 9-2-1787 DavCoTn                     B: 5-13-1782 AugCoVa
    D: 6-4-1852 DavCoTn                     D: 3-7-1864 DavCoTn  M: 6-19-1805 DavCoTn

2. JOHN SHANE                             - Nancy Drennon
    B: 1789 DavCoTn                           B: 1797 Tn
    D: 1876 DavCoTn                           D:                                   M: 1819 DavCoTn

3. SARAH SHANE                          - Jeptha (Jeff) Stephens
    B: 1790 DavCoTn                           B: 1785        
    D: 1860-70 DavCoTn                     D:  1815-20                    M: 11-11-1808 Dav(1-93)

4. ANDREW SHANE                      - Martha Green
    B: 1797 DavCoTn                           B:  1802 Va
    D:  1853 GreenCoArk                     D:                                  M: 10-10-1819 Dav(1-214)

5. JACOB SHANE                           - Lucinda Bowles
    B: 1804 DavCoTn                           B: 1800-10
    D:  1860-70 DavCoTn                    D:  1830-50           M: 8-11-1825 ShelbyCoTn

6. REBECCA BUCHANAN SHANE - Never married. Buried Shane Cemetery,
    B: 1795 DavCoTn                               Hermitage, Tenn. Died of Cholera.
    D: July 1852 DavCoTn            

7. MARGARET SHANE                  - Marvin Baldwin
    B: 1790-1800                                   B: ca. 1795
    D:                                                     D:                                  M: 7-25-1827

8. RHODA SHANE                          - Thomas Strong
    B: 1799 DavCoTn                            B: 1790-1800
    D: aft. 1860 DavCoTn                      D: aft. 1860                 M: 12-22-1819 DavCoTn

9. NELLIE ELENOR SHANE          - Never married. Buried Shane Cemetery,
    B: 1800 DavCoTn                            Hermitage, Tenn.
    D: Dec. 1841 DavCoTn

10. NANCY SHANE (Twin)              - William Melvin
      B: 1800 DavCoTn                            B: ca. 1792
      D: 1870-80 DavCoTn                      D: 1827 DavCoTn       M: 8-12-1812 Dav(1-128)

11. JAMES B. SHANE                       - Asenath Guthrie
      B: 1801 DavCoTn                            B: 1812
      D:  1860-70 Tenn/Missouri              D: aft. 1870 Mo.        M: 2-9-1833 DavCoTn

12. CORNELIUS SHANE                  - Youngest child, never married.
      B: 1810-15                                       Buried Shane Cemetery, Hermitage, Tenn.
      D: 1836 DavCoTn

DavCoTn, (66-53) (File #1083), 2-16-1784

9-26-1791                 North Carolina No. 145          Territory of the United States

By an Act for the Relief of the Officers and Soldiers of the Continental Line, in consideration of John Donelson, Assignee of MORRIS SHANE, a Soldier in the Commissioners Guard, granted unto John Donelson, a tract of land containing 320 Acres in Davidson County on the head branches of the Left Fork of Stoners Creek and joining James Hays’ line and John Donelson’s former line.  Surveyed for John Donelson by himself.  Jan. 16, 1793 in consequence of a Warrant No. 812.  Located Sept. 26, 1791. Dated Apr. 27, 1793.

Davidson County Dec. 13, 1784                     (Now in Sumner County, Tenn.)

Agreeable to the enclosed Warrant No. 291, the Entry dated Feby 16, 1784

I have surveyed for MORRIS SHANE a Preemption of 640 Acres of land lying on the Fork of Kasper’s Creek.  Beginning at two sycamore trees on the Creek east 260 poles to an ironwood and dogwood, N. 364 poles to a sugar tree corner to Simon Kirkindal with his line, E. 173 poles being the Righthand Fork to a stake, N. 130 poles to a black walnut, W. 157 poles crossing the Creek to a sugar tree & beech in Kasper Mansker’s line and with his line S. 83 poles to an ash, W. 186 poles, crossing a Fork to a hickory & beech, S. 20 degrees W. 60 poles crossing the Lefthand Fork to a hickory, N. 70 degrees W. 80 poles to a sugar tree S. 280 poles to the beginning.

                                                     Surveyed by James Sanders, DS
                                                     Dan’l. Smith, Surveyor
James Byrns & John Hickerson, sworn chain carriers.
(Book of Grants for Davidson Co. Tn, p. 79, North Carolina No. 145.)
DavCoTn Bk. 8, p. 14, made 5-18-1821                     Recorded: 8-13-1821
                                                  W I L L
MORRIS SHAIN, Dec’d.                                                       Recorded August 13th 1821

In the name of God Amen.  Being low in body but of perfect mind and memory I do this 18th day of May in the year of our Lord 1821, do make and publish this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following, that is to say,

I leave unto my beloved wife, PHEBA SHAIN, the use of the house and cleared land and all other property for the support of the family so long as she remains a widow.  And at her marriage or death, a division to be made of everything in the following manner.

I do give and bequeath unto my youngest son CORNELIUS SHAIN One Hundred Acres of land I now live on to be laid off so as to include the apple orchard.

I do also give and bequeath unto my sons JAMES SHAIN and JACOB SHAIN the balance of the land I now live on supposed to be One Hundred Acres be the same more or less to be equally divided between them, the land to be equally divided agreeable to quantity and quality with reserve.

I give unto my daughter SARAH STEPHENS the use of Three Acres of cleared land that is most convenient to her and One Acre round her house to have as her own while she remains a widow. My daughter ELENDER SHAIN has to be supported off of the land while she remains a single woman with the uses and privilege of the House.

I do give unto my two daughters REBECCA SHAIN and MARGARETT when they leave this place an equal share of my property with them that’s married and as to all the rest, remainder and residue of my perishable property to be equally divided amongst all my daughters.

I leave and appoint Absolom Gleaves and William Stuart as Executors of this my Last Will and Testament hereby revoking all former Wills by me made as witness my hand and seal this 18th May 1821.
                                                          MORRIS (his mark) SHANE
Signed, sealed and pronounced my Last Will & Testament in presence of William Stuart and Jesse Waldran.
State of Tenn.       )
Dav. Co.               ) Davidson County Court July Session 1821
The Last Will & Testament of MORRIS SHAIN, Dec’d. being exhibited in Court for probate was proven thus: William Stuart and Jesse Waldran, the subscribing witnesses being duly sworn say they became such in the presence of the Testator and at his request and that they believe he wa in his right mind at the time of executing the same, ordered that said Will and this probate be recorded at length, whereupon Absolom Gleaves and William Stewart the Executors named in said Last Will & Testament came into Court and gave bond of $5,500 with James Carter and Felix Grundy their securities for their faithful execution of the trusts reposed in them and qualified according to law ordered that they have Letters Testamentary granted them, said Executors returned into Court on oath and Inventory of said Decedent’s Estate which is also ordered to be recorded.
DavCoTn Bk. 8, p. 24, made 7-14-1821                              Recd. 8-15-1821
                                                       I N V E N T O R Y

200 Acres of Land
One Deed found on Julius Sanders for 366 Acres of Land
Two Notes on Samuel Steel $30 each.
6 feather beds & furniture, 1 cupboard, 1 trunk, 1 chest, 2 tables, 8 chairs, 1 set cups & saucers, 1-½ doz. plates 1 pewter dish, 1 pewter basin, 6 pewter plates, 2 bowles, 4 books, 3 pots, 1 dutch over, 2 skillets, 3 pr. pot hooks, 1 iron bail, 2 draw knife, 5 clevices, 1 log chain, 1 pr. steelyards, 1 gun & shot bag, 4 hogshead, 2 tubs, 7 water pails, 1 vinegar barrel, 2 riddles, 1 small cag, 6 slays, 2 cotton wheels, 1 flax wheel, 1 check reel, 1 stone jug, 2 chisels, 4 head horses, 1 waggon, 1 pr. working geers, 2 ploughs, 4 hoes, 1 grubbing hoe, 3 axes, 1 frow, 1 pot rack, 1 kettle, 1 cross cut saw, 1 hand saw, 2 augers, 1 pr. stretchers, 2 singletrees, 1 pr. doubletrees, 4 reap hooks, 2 flower barrels, 1 washing tub, 2 sifters, 1 rasor, 2 flat tubs, 1 twisted link, 1 smoothing iron, 1 pr. spectacles, 13 head of cattle, 1 set knives & forks, 4 head sheep, 30 head hogs, 3 turkeys, 18 geese, 1 half-bushel, 2 coolers, 1 flax hackle, 1 grind stone.

Given under our hands this 14th day of July 1821. Sworn to in open Court by Absolom Gleaves & William Stewart, Executors.

State of Tenn. Davidson County Court July Session 1821.
The above Inventory of the Estate of MORRIS SHANE, Dec’d. was returned into Court by Absolom Gleaves & William Stewart, his Executors, on oath and ordered to be recorded.

DavCoTn Bk. 8, p. 282, made 10-15-1823                           Recd. 12-25-1823
                                           S E T T L E M E N T

The Estate of MORRIS SHANE.   Dr. to Absolom Gleaves & William Stuart, Exctrs.

1821 May 19th       No. 1   Cash paid William Tait                       5.00
                              No. 2   Cash paid Phoebe Shane                    10.00
1822 March           No. 3   Cash paid Phoebe Shane                     9.00
         June              No. 4   Cash paid Phoebe Shane                    10.00
1821 June              No. 5   Cash paid Phoebe Shane                      7.00
         June              No. 6   Cash paid Phoebe Shane                      3.75
1823 August          No. 7   Cash paid Clerk                                     .85
         August          No. 8   Cash paid Clerk                                   1.85
1823 August          No. 9   Cash paid Clerk, Sheriff for Tax         1.50
Credited by Cash received of Samuel Steel                                  60.00
                                                                                                  $  11.05

In obedience to an Order of the Worshipful County Court of Dav. July Session 1823, the undersigned report that on settlement with Absolom Gleaves & William Stuart, Executors of MORRIS SHANE, Dec’d., there appears to remain in their hands $11.05 which we think is a moderate allowance for their attention & extra expense in the Settlement of said Estate.  Given under our hands & seals 15th day of October 1823.
                                                                          L. Keeling          Jas. Carter
DavCoTn Bk. 11, p. 109, made 12-5-1836                         (PHOEBE SHANE)
                                               I N V E N T O R Y

12 head hogs, 10 or 12 head sheep, 11 head of geese, 2 bedsteads, 3 beds & clothing, 1 loom, 2 wheels, 2 chuck wheels, 6 setting chairs, 4 pots & 3 skillets & other kitchen ware, 1 log chain, 1 plow & hoe, 1 rifle gun, 1 trunk, 1 frow, 2 iron wedges, 2 werring (?) slays, corn & fodder, 3 books, 1 acount on Jo. Shain $8.15, 1 on J. Blair $10.00.

                                                                         William Stewart, Executor
Sworn to in open Court Decbr. 5th 1836.    Smith Criddle, Clerk.

State of Tenn. Davidson County Court December Term 1836.
William Stewart, Executor of MORRIS SHANE, Dec’d. returned into Court, on oath an Inventory of his Estate in the hands of his Widow PHEBA SHANE at her death, which is ordered to be recorded.

DavCoTn Bk. 11, p. 114-5, made 12-17-1836                    Recd. 1-1-1837

                                PHOEBE SHANE ESTATE SALE

MORRIS SHANE, Dec’d., Additional Sale                     Recorded Jany 1st 1837

A list of the sale of the property of MORRIS SHANE, Dec’d. left to his Widow in her lifetime and sold since her death.  This 17th December 1836.

Lot of old irons                        William Stewart                              .75
2 axes, piece of iron                 Jos. S. Binkley                                .30
hackle, shove, bell                    Samuel Steel                                  .56
pot rack                                     Jonah Estes                                    .56
lg. pot & hooks                         Sarah Stephens                              .50
pot & hooks                              Rhody Strong                                .37
sm. pot & hooks                       Sara Haralson                                .37
2 skillets                                   “       “                                            .68
skillet & lid                              Sarah Stephens                              .62
lg. kettle & hooks                    Jas. R. Gleaves                              1.25
1 rifle gun                                Sarah Stephens                              8.00
barrel & box                            Wm. Binkley                                   .25
2 barrels & tray                        “       “                                             .43
1 log chain                               J. K. Blair                                      2.87
stretchers & hoe                      Jas. R. Gleaves                                 .75
2 barrels                                   Nancy Melvin                                 .37
salt & barrel                            Sarah Stephens                                .75
big wheel                                Nancy Melvin                                1.25
little wheel                              Rhody Strong                                  .50
2 sickles                                  Timothy Dodson                             .56
4 slays                                     Sarah Stephens                               .50
pr. steelyards                          Samuel Steel                                 1.56
1 frow                                     Richard Buchan                            1.00
old barrel in house                  Samuel Steel                                  .06
check reel & loom                  R. Shane                                        .50
4 setting chairs                       James Trustee                               1.62
1 table                                    Rebecca Shane                                .25
cupboard ware                       Rebecca Shane                                .56
1 Bible                                   Rebecca Shane                               .12
1 trunk                                   Rebecca Shane                               .75
bedstead, bed & clothing      Nancy Melvin                               5.00
bed clothing                          James Trustee                               7.00
bed & clothing                      Rhoda Strong                               6.00
2 hogs 1st choice                   Rebecca Shane                             5.25
2 hogs 2nd choice                  Rebecca Shane                             4.75
2 hogs 3rd choice                  Sarah Stephens                             4.00
cow & calf                           Ely Cheney                                  11.06
the horned cow                    Ely Cheney                                  10.68
brindle heifer                       Rebecca Shane                             5.81
grindstone                            Sara Haralson                                .50
red yearling                         Rebecca Shane                             1.43
5 sheep 1st choice                James Shane                                7.00
4 sheep @ 1.00 ea.              James Shane                                4.00
6 pigs                                  John Binkley                                1.00
6 geese                                Rebecca Shane                             1.12
5 barrels corn @ 2.00 ea.    Rebecca Shane                           10.00
5 barrels corn @ 2.00 ea.    Rebecca Shane                           10.00
6 barrels corn @ 1.81 ea.    Rebecca Shane                           10.87
sorrel mare                          Rebecca Shane                           40.12
bay mare                             J. H. Blair                                   26.06
the open aprt. goods           J. H. Blair                                   10.00
open aprt. goods                 James Shane                                 8.05

Sworn to in open Court Jany. 2nd 1837.    Smith Criddle, Clerk
William Stewart, Exr.
State of Tenn. Davidson County Court January Term 1837.
William Stewart, Executor of MORRIS SHANE, Dec’d. returned into Court on oath, an account of sales of that part of his Estate which was left to his Widow in her lifetime, which was received by the Court and ordered to be recorded.
DavCoTn Bk. 11, p. 331, made 12-30-1837                      Recd. 9-3-1838
                                          S E T T L E M E N T
MORRIS SHANE, Dec’d. Executor Settlement.

We the commissioners appointed by the County Court of Davidson County at December Term 1837 to examine the accounts of William Stewart, Executor of MORRIS SHANE, Dec’d. and to make a settlement with him in relation to his Executorship of that part of the Estate left to his Widow, have performed that duty and return the following settlement.

After examination we find from the returns made to Court, the Estate worth $218.67.  We find William Stewart, Ex’r. entitled to a credit of $218.67.

We find the said William Stewart has made the following disbursements:

1. A. Ward’s proven recpt. pd. to John Moore                         5.00
2. David Chandler recpt. for coffin                                          7.00
3. Samuel Steel’s recpt.                                                          25.00
4. Rebecca Shane’s recpt.                                                       35.00
5. Nancy Melvin’s recpt.                                                        25.00
6. Sarah Stephen’s recpt.                                                        25.00
7. Ellender Shane’s recpt.                                                       25.00
8. Smith Criddle Clerk for recpt.                                              2.50
9. Martha Melvin’s proven recpt.                                             1.15
10. Surveyor Blair proven recpt.                                              4.00
11. William Baldwin’s receipt                                               24.00
      (Due to Wm. Baldwin’s Legatees)                                     1.00
      Paid to John G. Gleaves & John H. Binkley,
           Commissioners                                                             1.00
      Due to Thomas Strong & his wife Rhody Strong           25.00
      Allowance made to the Executor                                    13.02
We find the said Wm. Stewart entitled to a credit of          218.67
When Thomas Strong & wife receives                                 25.00
      & Wm. Baldwin receives                                                 1.00

Given under our hands and seals this 30th December 1837.
                                       John G. Gleaves (seal)      John H. Binkley (seal)
State of  Tenn. Davidson County Court January Term 1838.
John G. Gleaves and John H. Binkley two of the Commissioners appointed by an Order of last Court to settle with William Stewart, Executor of MORRIS SHANE, Dec’d. returned into Court an account of such Settlement which is ordered to be recorded.
DavCoTn Bk. 7, p. 379-80, made 1-17-1838                          Regd. 4-4-1845
                                R E A L   E S T A T E   P A R T I T I O N
State of Tennessee Davidson County
The Heirs of MORRIS SHANE, Ex Parte
Circuit Court of said County, January Term 1838.

Be it remembered that heretofore to wit, on this 27th day of Jany AD 1838, this cause came on to be heard on the Interlocutory Petition and the Report of the Commissioners before the Honorable James Rucks, Judge, and which Report of the Commissioners is in the words and figures following, to wit:    January 23rd 1838 State of Tenn. Dav. Co., we the undersigned Commissioners in pursuance of an Order from the Circuit Court of said County at Jany. 1838 to lay off and set apart to the Legatees of MORRIS SHANE, Dec’d., Real Estate according to the Will of said SHANE, said Commissioners met on the premises of said Land on the above written David B. Lowe, Deputy Surveyor for said county to wit:

Lay off and set apart to the Heirs of CORNELIUS SHANE 100 Acres to wit:  Beginning on a black gum the SW corner of said land, thence E. 134 poles 15 links to a stake, hickory pointers, thence N. 120 poles to the beginning containing 100 Acres.

Lot No. 2. JAMES SHANE.  Beginning on the NE corner of the Lot laid off to the Heirs of CORNELIUS SHANE on an elm, thence W. 120 poles to a stake sassafras pointer the NW corner of Lot No. 1, thence S. 32 poles to a dogwood on the W. boundary of Lot No. 1, thence W. 90 poles to a sycamore or ____ oak on the Bank of Stones River, thence down said River with its meanders 167 poles to the Mouth of said Creek, thence up said Creek with its meanders 115 poles to a hickory on the bank of said Creek, thence S. 4 poles near a rock, thence E. 15 poles 5 links to a stake, thence S. 31 poles to the beginning containing 60 Acres.

Lot No. 3. Beginning at JACOB SHANE on the Bank of Stones River near a large rock on William Stewart’s W. boundary, thence N. with the same passing the SW corner of MORRIS SHANE’s Original Tract and again passing said gum at 19 poles 10 links continuing N. in all 104 poles to a dogwood, thence W. 90 poles to a sycamore and over crop on the bank of Stones River, thence up said River with its meanders 173 poles to the beginning containing 60 Acres.

Lot No. 4.  SARAH STEPHENS.  Beginning at a rock on Lot No. 2’s South boundary, thence S. 13 poles to a rock on the side of a Spring Branch, thence S. 67 degrees E. 14 poles to a rock, thence N. 8 poles to a stake, thence E. 35 poles to a stone, thence N. 12 poles 10 links to a stone, thence W. to the beginning containing 4 Acres.

Given under our hand and seals the date above.  Williams Evans, Eli Cherry, Abraham Earhart, John G. Gleaves, Nimrod Earhart.  Whereupon the Honorable Court _____ to order, and adjudge and decree and doth order, adjudge and decree the said Report be in all things confirmed that said Heirs hold their respective portions of the land allotted to them by said MORRIS SHANE’s Will.  --- That said Commissioners be allowed cash the sum of $1.50 for their trouble that the costs of said partition and their expenses incurred in making this Partition of said real estate be paid by the claimants for which an execution may issue.

State of Tenn.  I, Thomas Smiley, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Dav. County State aforesaid do certify that the foregoing is a true & perfect copy of the Final Decree in the case of the Heirs of MORRIS SHANE EX PARTE as the same remains of record in my office.  In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of said Court at office this 3rd day of April AD 1845 and in the 69th year of American Independence.                                              Thos. T. Smiley

Children and descendants of MORRIS SHANE (1760’s-1821):

1. PATIENCE SHANE                        -  SAMUEL STEELE
    B: 9-2-1787 DavCoTn                         B: 5-13-1782 RockbridgeCoVa
    D: 6-4-1852 DavCoTn                         D: 10-9-1864 DavCoTn   M: 6-19-1805 Dav
                                                                 (Son of Andrew & Martha Buchanan Steele)

    (Sam died of natural causes at age 82 and Patience died age 65 of Cholera. Both are
    buried in the Joseph Binkley Cemetery on John Hagar Road, Hermitage, Tenn. with
    large tombstones.)
    (He served in War of 1812, Pvt., Col. John Coffee, Capt. Daniel Ross, Mtd. Gunman)
    (He also served in the Creek War of 1814 and the major battle was known as the
    Battle of Horseshoe Bend, and there, along with Andrew Jackson and Sam Houston,
    as shown by his affidavit in support of the Pension Application of Benjamin
    Castleman, is Samuel, together with Carney Logue and John Shane.)
    (He served in Capt. Eli Hammond’s company of U. S. Mounted Rangers as
    reflected by pay vouchers of 9-1-1813 and 1-17-1815, being discharged at Fayetteville.
    According to these pay vouchers, he also took part in the Battle of New Orleans on
    1-8-1815. (National Archives.)

    (10-20-1826 DavCoTn Deed Bk. P, p. 357) Sister Nancy B. Hall, Admr. of Charles M.
     Hall, Dec’d., gave her Power of Attorney to Samuel Steele & Christopher Brooks.
    (12-14-1826 DavCoTn) Sam served as Executor for Will of Charles M. Wright, Sr.
    (12-23-1829 DavCoTn Bk. 4, p. 376) Sam served as Administrator of the Estate of
     sister Nancy B. Hall, Dec’d.
    (1830 DavCoTn-D-258)
    (1840 DavCoTn-D-313)
    (1-18-1841 DavCoTn) Sam witnessed the Will of uncle James Buchanan.
    (1850 DavCoTn-D-437-406)
    (In 1853, Sam wrote a letter to his brother Archibald B. Steele in Mississippi, stating
    that Phoebe and her sister Rebecca had died of Cholera. He also stated there were
    ten Steele children besides him.)
    (1860 DavCoTn, CD 4, Samuel living w/son-in-law Joseph Binkley, age 78.)

    Samuel and Patience were the children of Tennessee pioneers, both born during a time
    of intense warfare with the Indians on the frontier in Middle Tennessee.  The
    Revolution was just ending and the frontier still had to be tamed.  They would be
    considered the middle-class working folks and led a decent life.  By all accounts, they
    were highly esteemed in our entire community.  Sam’s signature appeared on quite a
    few early public documents so folks must have depended on his integrity and trust-
    worthiness quite often.
Metro Archives, Davidson County Court Loose Papers. Ca.  1880-1905.

“Be it ordered by the County Court that the portion of the Hoggett’s Ferry Road from W. H. Binkley’s gate, 4th District, running 90 or 100 yards in the direction of old road bed be so changed as to protect the grave of Morris Shane, said road having diverged so far from its original bed that it is encroaching upon his Family Grave and has already, almost, by the cutting of the wheels of vehicles exposed the coffin of Morris Shane and old pioneer of Davidson County.      R. L. Haldy, J.P.”

    1. JAMES STEELE                      - Judith (Judidah) H. Wood
        B: 1806 DavCoTn                       B: 1809 Tn
        D: 1849 New OrleansLa              D: 1859 WilsonCoTn   M: 1-19-1827 DavCoTn

        (His father Samuel’s letter of 1853 states James died in New Orleans while on
         a trip selling timber.  Judith’s Will is recorded in Wilson Co., Tenn.)
        (1830 DavCoTn-D-258)
        (1840 DavCoTn-D-312)
        (1-23-1840 DavCoTn Bk. 2, p. 362) Deed to Chas. M. Hall, Jr. for 109 Acres,
          4th Distr., East Side of Stones River.
        (1850 WilsonCoTn, Distr. 5, she a widow with 6 kids at home.)


          1. (f) __________ Steele        - Gone from home by 1850.
               B: 1828 Tn

          2. Andrew Steele                    -
              B: 1829 Tn

          3. Izabella Steele                    - Robert Foster Binkley
              B: 1832 Tn                            B: 1822 Tn
              D:                                          D:  1860                   M: 2-3-1853
                                                          (Son of Frederick & Adeline Shackleford Binkley.)
                                                           #2: Hiram Cotton
                                                                 D:                        M: 1-23-1876

          4. Hiram G. Steele                 -
              B: 1835-40

          5. (f)_______ Steele              - Gone from home by 1850.
               B: 1835-40

          6. Thomas J. Steele                - Terissa Wright
              B: 1835                                  B:
              D:                                           D:                          M: 4-26-1854 Dav

          7. Amanda Steele                   -
              B: 1841

          8. James Steele, Jr.                 -
              B: 1843

    Children of SAMUEL STEELE (1782-1864) cont’d.:

     2. MARY POLLY STEELE             - William Harper Wright
         B: 1810 DavCoTn                            B: 4-4-1806 DavCoTn
         D:  1850 DavCoTn                           D: 5-28-1888       M: 9-13-1824 Dav(1-286)
                                                                 (His #2: Tabitha Earhart
                                                                               B: 1803 Tn
                                                                               D: bef. 1900 Dav   M: 2-21-1853 Dav

         (1832 DavCoTn Bk. U, p. 673) Deed from Richard H. Jones, 109 Acres.
         (1840 DavCoTn-D-313.)
         (1850 DavCoTn-D-440-406, he a Wagon Maker.)
         (5-4-1882 DavCoTn Bk. 3, p. 278) William’s Will made.
         (Both buried Joseph Binkley Cemetery, Hermitage, Tenn.  Their homeplace
          was on New Hope Road about 3 miles east of The Hermitage.)

          1. Alford Sidney Wright              - Sarah Ellen Hurt
              B: 6-19-1825 Dav                       B: 1834 Dav
              D: 11-12-1898 Dav                     D: 3-3-1898 Dav       M: 8-6-1856 Dav
                                                              (Dau. of Benjamin & Laura Eliz. Castleman Hurt)

         2. Almeda M. Wright                    - John H. Jenkins
             B: 1827 Dav                                 B: 1822 Va
             D: bef. 1882 Tx                            D:          Tx               M: 11-12-1847

         3. Samuel Steele Wright                - Laura Hurt
             B: 8-8-1829 Dav                           B: 4-13-1828 Dav
             D: 8-11-1915 Dav                         D: 4-6-1889            M: 10-18-1849
                                                               (Dau. of Benjamin & Laura Eliz. Castleman Hurt)

        4. James S. Wright                         - Nancy Binkley
            B:  1832 Dav                                 B: 1834 Dav
            D:                                                  D:                            M: 3-12-1855
                                                               (Dau. of William Binkley)

       5. Martha Buchanan Wright           - John Hurt
           B: 3-3-1833 Dav                           B: 1-27-1827 Dav
           D: 12-22-1917 Dav                       D: 9-4-1913 Dav     M: 1-11-1853 Dav(2-108)
                                                              (Son of Benjamin & Laura Eliz. Castleman Hurt)

       6. Charles Wright                           - Susan Binkley Earhart
           B: 1835 Dav                                  B: 1834 Tn
           D: bef. 1882 Dav                           D:                           M: 11-27-1855 Dav
                                                               (Her #1: Abner Earhart
                                                                             D:                     M:

      7. John Summerfield Wright          - Mary Agnes Binkley
          B: 3-29-1838 Dav                          B: Sept. 1841 Dav
          D: 1-10-1905 Dav                          D: 8-26-1881 Dav   M 12-31-1857 Dav
                                                               (His #2: Mary Jane Cook
                                                                             B: Apr. 1841 Dav
                                                                             D: 1920 Dav   M: 10-3-1881 Dav

      8. Isaac Wright                               - Never married, died at Rock Island, Indiana
          B: 1840 Dav                                  in a Union POW Prison during Civil War.

     9. Elizabeth A. (Sis) Wright           - Winfield (Buck) Creel
         B: 1842 Dav                                  B: 1839 Tn
         D:                                                   D:                            M: 10-8-1859 Dav

    10. Mary A. (Polly) Wright             - James Joshua Ellis
          B: 1844 Dav                                 B: 1837 Tn
          D:                                                 D:                           M:

    11. Louisa Wright                           - Never married, died young.
          B: 1846 Dav
          D: bef. 1860 Dav

    12. Thomas Taylor Wright             - Katherine (Kitty) Logue
          B: 2-15-1848 Dav                        B: 7-21-1861 Dav
          D: 6-22-1933 Dav                        D: 3-16-1935        M: 1-5-1885 Dav

    13. Missouri Jane (Puss) Wright    - Eugene Lemuel Benson
          B: 3-29-1850 Dav                        B: 8-13-1850 Dav
          D: 7-16-1921 Dav                        D: 1-10-1918 Dav    M: 9-21-1864
                                                            (Her #2: Wm. Ewin Wright
                                                                           D:                  M: 1899

         (This family more fully covered in the WRIGHT section.)

    Children of SAMUEL STEELE (1782) cont’d.:

     3. MARTHA BUCHANAN STEELE - Joseph Shackleford Binkley
         B: 12-9-1811 DavCoTn                      B: 11-19-1810 DavCoTn
         D: 7-28-1859 DavCoTn                      D: 8-21-1887 DavCoTn  M: 7-13-1833 Dav.
                                                                   (His #2: Elizabeth Ivey Holland
                                                                                  D:                      M:
                                                               (Son of Frederick & Adeline Shackleford Binkley)

         1. Mary Binkley                        -
             B: 1834 Dav

         2. Benjamin F. Binkley             -
             B: 1837

         3. Melvina Binkley                    -
             B: 1839

         4. Amanda Rebecca Binkley     -
             B: 1841

         5. Almedia A. Binkley              -
             B: 1843

         6. Ann L. Binkley                      -
             B: 1845

         7. Henry C. Binkley                   -
             B: 1847

         8. ________ Binkley                 -
             B: 1850

         9. Samuel L. Binkley                -
             B: 1852

        10. Joseph P. Binkley                -
              B: 1856

        11. David C. K. Binkley            -
              B: 1857

         (This family more fully covered in the Binkley section.)

     4. REBECCA STEELE                      - Thomas J. Wood
         B: 1817 DavCoTn                             B: ca. 1812
         D:                                                       D:                         M: 11-24-1834 DavCoTn

         (1840 BedfordCoTn-B-41)
         (1850 BedfordCoTn-B-9-318)


          1. (m)_______ Wood              -
               B: 1836

          2. (f)________ Wood              -
               B: 1838

          3. Jasper N. Wood                  -
               B: 1839 Tn

          4. Mary Wood                        -
              B: 1840 Tn

         5. Thos. J. Wood                     -
              B: 1841

          6. Isabella Wood                    -
              B: 1843

          7. James B. Polk Wood          -
              B: 1844

          8. Geo. M. Dallas Wood        -
               B: 1846

          9. Rosanah Wood                   -
              B: 1847

Children of MORRIS SHANE (1760’s-1821) cont’d.:

2. JOHN SHANE                             -  Nancy Drennon
    B:  5-22-1789 DavCoTn                  B: 5-5-1795 YorkSC
    D:  6-26-1876 DavCoTn (age 88)    D:  5-26-1878 (age 84)   M: 8-18-1819 WilsonCoT

    (Served, War of 1812, Capt. Eli Hammond's Co. of U. S. Mounted Rangers)
    (Drew Pension No. SC-15599)
    (1850 DavCoTn-D-282-382, Distr. 5, #222, "Sham", farmer, $3,000.)
    (1870 DavCoTn-D1-263, Distr. 5, #199, farmer, 5,000, he age 81, she age 73.)
    (Both buried Drennon-Jenkins Cemetery, Stewarts Ferry Pk., Nashville, Tn.)

     1. Amanda M. Shane             -
         B: 2-18-1821

     2. Almoreen Shane                - Dabney Cawthorn
         B: 7-30-1822 DavCoTn       B: 1823 Tn
         D: 12-22-1859 RuthCoTn    D:                             M: 3-31-1847
         (1850 RutherfordCoTn, Burnett, #25, cabinet maker.)
         (1860 RutherfordCoTn, Lavergne, he age 37.)


          1. Thaddeus Cawthorn             -
              B: 1848 RuthCoTn

    Children of JOHN SHANE cont'd.:

     3. Ebinaide Shane                         -
         B: 4-9-1825 DavCoTn
         D: 2-22-1841

     4. Araminta Shane                         -
         B: 7-15-1826 DavCoTn
         D: 12-11-1859

     5. John H. Shane, Jr.             - Died in battle before Atlanta.
         B: 2-15-1828 DavCoTn
         D: 7-22-1864 Atlanta,Ga

         (1850 RutherfordCoTn, staying w/Moses Buchanan, student, age 17.)
         (1860 DavCoTn-D-72-355, Nashville Ward 3, Attorney.)
         (Served CSA,

     6. William Shane                  -
         B: 1826 DavCoTn
         D: 2-21-1902 DavCoTn (age 76)

         (1850 RuthCoTn, staying w/Moses Buchanan, student, age 17.)
         (1860 DavCoTn-D-72-355, Nashville Ward 3, Attorney.)
         (Buried Drennon-Jenkins Cem., Stewarts Ferry Pk., Nashville, Tn.)

     7. Ann Shane                        -  Samuel Jenkins
         B: 1820 DavCoTn                B: 9-15-1824 Tn
         D: 1850-60 DavCoTn          D:  6-22-1888 Tn         M:

         (1850 DavCoTn, Distr., 4, Farmer.)
         (1860 DavCoTn, Distr. 16, Farmer, 4000.)
         (1870 DavCoTn, Distr. 16, Farmer, 10,000.)
         (Buried Drennon-Jenkins Cem., Stewarts Ferry Pk., Nashville, Tn.)


         1. Robert T. Jenkins             - Gone from home by 1870.
             B: 11-3-1845 Tn                 Buried Drennon-Jenkins Cemetery.
             D:  8-6-1876 Tn

         2. Almerine Jenkins             - Gone from home by 1870.
             B: 9-11-1847 Tn                 Buried Drennon-Jenkins Cemetery.
             D: 6-2-1877 Tn

         3. Osmon Jenkins                - Mollie Wright
              B: 3-16-1850 Tn               B: 10-9-1867
              D: 12-9-1905 (age 55)      D: 12-19-1943 (age 76)        M:
              (Buried Drennon-Jenkins Cemetery.)

         4. Arilla F. Jenkins              - Still at home 1870.
             B: 1852

         5. Henry C. Jenkins             - Gone from home by 1870.
             B: 5-3-1854 Tn                   Buried Drennon-Jenkins Cemetery.
             D: 11-9-1892 Tn

         6. John S. Jenkins                - Still at home 1870.
             B: 1856                               (Prob. buried Drennon-Jenkins Cem.)

         7. Amanda Jenkins              - Gone from home by 1870.
             B: 1858                              (Prob. buried Drennon-Jenkins Cem.)
             (1870 DavCoTn, CD 5, living w/grandparents, age 12.)

    Children of JOHN SHANE cont'd.:

    8. Osmond Shane                  -
         B: 4-15-1831 DavCoTn
         D: 11-6-1847

    9. Marianna Shane                -
        B: 12-20-1834
        D: 9-30-1846

DavCoTn Bk. 1, p. 245, made 4-13-1837                        Regd. 8-19-1837
                                          D E E D   O F   G I F T

State of Tennessee Davidson County.

Know all men by these presents or to whom this may concern that taking my means into consideration and the situation of  others and for the brotherly kindness and natural feeling, I JOHN SHANE have toward one of my sisters, REBECCA SHANE by name, and having an interest in a certain tract of land lying in Davidson County on Stones River, being the land that MORRIS SHANE willed to CORNELIUS SHANE, my brother, CORNELIUS dying a minor without any heirs, we the brother and sister of said CORNELIUS, being the only heirs, I wishing to help my sister to support in this life, I this day give and lawfully make over to her all the right, title, claim, and interest that I have to the said land being undivided by approximation butts and boundaries by my Lot which will be about Nine Acres more or less, but the true intent and meaning of this is to make over to Rebecca all my right, title and claim, interest that I JOHN have to the said small lot, I do this day relinquish all my claim to the same and by these presents do make over and give to my sister all the right, title, claim and benefit to the said land to her forever, and by these presents bind myself, my heirs and lawful representatives to confirm the same forever.

Given under my hand this day and confirming the same by subscribing my name and fixing my seal hereto in the presence of the undersigned witnesses and calling upon them this day to subscribe their names to the above Deed of Gift this 13th day of April 1837.
                                                                               JOHN SHANE (seal)
Witness:  Samuel Steel       Joseph Binkley

State of Tenn. Davidson County
Personally appeared before me Smith Criddle Clerk of the County Court of said county Samuel Steel and Joseph Binkley, subscribing witnesses to the above Deed of Gift, who being first sworn depose and say that they are acquainted with John Shane the giver and that he acknowledged the same in their presence to be his act and deed on the day it bears date. Tax paid. Witness my hand at office this 18rh day of August AD 1837.
                                                                               Smith Criddle

Children of MORRIS SHANE (1760’s-1821) cont’d.:

3. SARAH SHANE                            -  Jeptha (Jeff) B. Stephens
    B: 1790 DavCoTn                              B: 1785 NC
    D:  ca. 1865 DavCoTn                        D: 1814-20     M: 11-11-1808 Dav(1-93)

    (He served War of 1812, Capt. Barnhart’s Co., Dav. Co. Militia.)
    (Enlisted in U. S. Army 9-22-1812 for 5 years, Pvt., 24th U. S. Inf., Capt. A. Gray.)
    (1821 Sarah a widow when father Morris wrote his Will.)
    (1830 DavCoTn-D-259, she a Widow.)
    (1840 DavCoTn, living w/son James B.
    (1850 DavCoTn-D-366-396, “Stevens”)
    (1860 DavCoTn, Distr. 4, she age 70.)
    (Buried Stephens Cemetery, Hoggett Ford Road, Hermitage, Tenn.)


     1. James Buchanan Stephens       -  Julia _________
         B: 1812 Tn                                   B: 1817 Tn
         D: ca. 1890 DavCoTn                  D:  ca. 1865 DavCoTn        M: ca. 1838

         (1840 DavCoTn.)
         (1850 DavCoTn-D-366-396, "Stevens.")
         (1860 DavCoTn, Distr. 4, #258 same house w/ Sarah Stevens, he age 47.)
         (1870 DavCoTn, C.D 4, #266, farmer, he a widow, age 58.)
         (1880 DavCoTn, CD 2,#125, farmer, he a widow, age 67.)
         (Buried Stephens Cemetery, Hoggett Ford Road, Hermitage, Tenn.)


          1. Henry H. Stephens          - Tennessee Araminta_________
              B: 1839                               B: 1848 Tn
              D:  ca. 1912 Tn                   D: ca. 1925 Tn.         M: ca. 1864

              (1870 DavCoTn, Distr. 2)
              (1880 DavCoTn, Distr. 2)
              (1910 DavCoTn, Distr. 4, Central Pike, had 10 kids/7 living.)
              (1920 DavCoTn, Distr. 2, she a widow age 71.)
              (Buried Stephens Cemetery, Hoggetts Ford Road, Nashville, Tenn.)


              1. James Stephens                -
                  B: 1869
                  (1880 At home w/parents, age 11.)

              2. Fred H. Stephens             - Dora M. Atkerson
                  B: 12-18-1871                    B: July 1876
                  D: 1-13-1935                      D: 1947                   M: 1897

                  (1900 DavCoTn)
                  (1910 DavCoTn, Distr. 4, Central Pk. next door to Henry, had 10 kids/5 liv.)
                  (1920 DavCoTn, CD 4, "Stevens", works powder plant.)
                  (1930 DavCoTn, CD 4, Distr. 211.)
                  (Buried Stephens Cemetery, Hoggetts Ford Rd., Nashville, Tenn.)


                  1. Daisy Lee Stephens         - Charles Sheppard
                      B: 8-5-1898                        B: 1884 Tn
                      D: 9-10-1971                      D:                        M:

                       (1930 DavCoTn, CD 4, Dist. 208.)
                       (Buried Stephens Cemetery.)


                       1. Charles Sheppard, Jr. (1923)
                       2. Ben Sheppard (1925-1969)     (Buried Stephens Cemetery.)
                       3. Mary L. Sheppard (1926)
                       4. Roy Sheppard (1927)

                  2. Jack Stephens                  - Margaret _________
                      B: 10-13-1902                   B: 4-10-1909
                      D: 11-5-1976                     D: 4-19-1989            M:
                      (1930 DavCoTn, machinist in auto shop.)
                      (Buried Stephens Cemetery.)

                  3. Rosie Ann Stephens        - Ira B. Hagar
                      B: 11-20-1907                   B: 1907 Tn
                      D: 3-5-1991                       D:                             M:

                     (He died young, buried Hagar Cem., she buried Stephens Cem.)

                  4. Fred H. Stephens (twin)       - Buried Stephens Cemetery.
                      B: 1909
                      D:  1973

                  5. Frank Stephens (twin)     -
                      B: 1909

                     (1930 DavCoTn, worked for railroad.)

                  6. Ruby Stephens                 - Jesse Leon Pirtle
                      B: 4-18-1920                      B: 10-31-1917
                      D: 9-22-2000                      D: 2-11-1966        M:

              3. Thomas Stephens             -
                  B: 1875

             4. George Stephens               -
                  B: 1878

             5. Henry J. Stephens            - _________________
                 B: Dec. 1879                      B:
                 D:                                       D:                          M:

                 (1900 DavCoTn, age 20, he a widower living w/Fred & Dora.)

          Children of James B. Stephens (1812) cont'd.:

          2. John Galveston Stephens- Gone from home by 1870.
              B: 1841

          3. Amanda Mary Stephens  - Never married.
              B: April 1843

              (1910 DavCoTn, Distr. 4, Central Pike, age 66, living with Fred H. & Dora)

          4. Joseph Stephens               - Gone from home by 1860.
              B: 1846                               Buried Stephens Cemetery.
              D: ca. 1858

          5. Araminta Stephens           - Never married.
              B: 1847

              (1910 DavCoTn, Distr. 4, Central Pike, age 62, living with Fred H.)

          6. Josephine Stephens          - A widow in 1900.
              B: Feb. 1848

              (1880 living w/father James B. Stephens.)

          7. Thomas Stephens            - Gone from home by 1860.
               B: 1850                             Buried Stephens Cemetery.
               D: ca. 1858

          8. Catherine (Kate) Stephens  -
               B: 1853

               (1880 DavCoTn, age 27, living with father James B.)

Children of MORRIS SHANE (1760’s-1821) cont’d.:

4. ANDREW SHANE                         -  Martha Green
    B: 1797 DavCoTn                               B: 1802 DavCoTn
    D:  1853 GreenCoArk                         D:                          M: 10-10-1819 Dav(1-214)

    (1820 DavCoTn)
    (1830 ShelbyCoTn, p. 16, "A. Shane.")
    (1840 ShelbyCoTn, "And. Shane.")
    (1850 GreenCoArk, Powell, #298, farmer.)

     1. (f)_________ Shane           -  (1830 at home.)
          B:  ca. 1821                           (1840 at home.)

     2.  Margaret Shane                 -  (1830 at home.)
          B: 1825                                 (1840 at home.)
          D: 1880

     3.  Mary E. Shane                  - James S. Coker
          B: 1828 Tn                          B: 1824 JeffersonCoAla
          D: 1880 WoodCoTx           D: 1870 Tx            M: 3-28-1844 FayetteCoTn
     4. Alfred Green Shane           -  Sarah A. R. Moran
         B: April 1833 Tn                    B: 1835 Ms.
         D:  1901                                  D: 1880-1900               M: 8-19-1852 LawrenceArk
                                                       #2: Mary A. ________
                                                             B: Dec. 1853 Ala
                                                             D:                            M: 1893
         (1860 LawrenceCoArk, Pawpaw P.O.)
         (1870 LawrenceCoArk, “Shain,” he age 37)
         (1880 PolkCoArk, he age 46)
         (1900 PolkCoArk, he age 67)

         l. William A. Shane             -
            B: 1856

        2. John H. Shane                   - Sarah E. __________
            B: 1858 Ark.                        B: 1866 Mo.
            D:  4-13-1936 LibertyTx     D:  1910-20 LeFloreOk  M: ca. 1882 Ark

            (1900 PolkCoArk)
            (1910 LeFloreCoOkla, Houston, #157, had 8 kids/6 living.)
            (1920 LeFloreCoOkla, Shady Point, #96, he a widow living w/Lilly Cedham.)

            1. Lillie B. Shane             - Lou Cedham
                B: 1885 Ark                    B: 1881 Okla
                D:                                    D:                        M: ca. 1902 Ark

                (1920 LeFloreCoOkla, Shady Point, #96, he works saw mill.)

            2. Christopher C. Shane -
                B: 1887

            3. William G. Shane          -
                B: 1892

            4. Ova T. Shane                 -
                B: 1893

            5. Sarah T. Shane               -
                B: 1900

            6. John H. Shane
                B: 1902 Ark

         Children of Alfred Shane (1833) cont'd.:

         3. Nancy L. J. Shane                -
             B: 1859

         4. James T. Shane                    -
             B: Feb. 1862

         5. Alfred Green Shane, Jr.        -
             B: 1866

        6. George M. Shane                  -
            B: 1870

        7. Charles E. Shane                  -
            B: 1874

     Children of ANDREW SHANE (1797) cont’d.:

     6.  John Powell Shane                   -
          B: 1838 Tn

     7.  Lewallen Shane (m)          -
          B: 1839 Tn

Descendant July 2011:  Maudie Rushing (


Children of MORRIS SHANE cont'd.:

5. JACOB SHANE                                - Lucinda Bowles
    B: 1804 DavCoTn                                B: 1800-10
    D:  1860-70 DavCoTn                         D:                         M: 8-11-1825 ShelbyCoTn

    (1830 DavCoTn-D-259)
    (1850 DavCoTn-D-366-396, living alone with his sister Sarah.)
    (1860 DavCoTn-D-34, living with sister Sarah.)


      1. (m) ________ Shane               -
           B: 1826

      2.  Nancy Ann  Shane                  - Edmund J. Clanton
           B: 5-26-1829 DavCoTn            B: 1824 Tn
           D: 6-30-1913 BentonCoArk     D:  1862 McDonaldCoMo  M: ca. 1853
                                                           (His #1: Francis Wright
                                                                         D:                       M: 9-1-1842 WilsonCoTn
           (1860 McDonaldCoMissouri, Farmer, he age 36)
           (1910 BentonCoArk, Roller Ridge, she age 81, living w/son Francis,
             had 5 kids/3 living.)
           (She buried Roller Cemetery, Benton Co., Arkansas.)

           1. Charlotte Jane Clanton       -  William Spencer Patterson
                B: 1844                                  B: 7-12-1839 BedfordCoTn
                D: 1888                                  D: 1921 BentonCoArk   M: 2-16-1868

                (1880 McDonaldCoMo, White Rock, #103, farmer.)


                1. Daisy L. Patterson          -
                    B: 1869 Mo

           2. Cornelius S. Clanton          - Lucretia _______
               B: 1853                                 B: 1863
               D:  1910                                D:                         M:

               (1900 CrawfordCoKansas, Pittsburg Ward 3.)


               1. Ester Clanton           -
                   B: 1885

               2. Carl Clanton             -
                   B: 1894

           3. James B. Clanton            -
               B: 1854

           4. William Henry Clanton      -   Elizabeth Hopkins
                B: 7-5-1856 McDonaldMo    B: Nov. 1862 Ky
                D: 8-12-1910 Montanna        D:                        M: 8-18-1882 BentonCoArk

                (1900 YellowstoneCoMontanna, No. Billings, Distr. 195, Ranchman.)

                1. Albert Clanton
                    B: June 1884 Mont.

                2. Mamie Clanton
                    B: Jan. 1886 Ark.

                3. Willie Clanton
                     B: Aug. 1889 Mont.

                4. Ethel Clanton
                    B: Jan. 1892 Mont.

           5. Francis M. Clanton         - Delila A. (M.) _________
               B: June 1859 Mo.              B: Nov. 1861 Mo.
               D:                                       D:                            M: 1878

               (1880 BentonCoArk, Roller Ridge, Distr. 12, #81, farmer.)
               (1900 BentonCoArk, Roller Ridge.)
               (1910 BentonCoArk, Roller Ridge, “Clontin,”  farmer.)

                1. Jacob E. Clanton         -
                    B: Apr. 1879 Ark

                2. Sofrona N. Clanton     -
                    B: Feb. 1881 Ark

                3. Mary E. Clanton          -
                    B: Apr. 1883 Ark

                4. Ada M. Clanton           -
                    B: Sept. 1885 Ark

                5. Ella M. Clanton           -
                    B: May 1888 Ark

                6. Delila Francis Clanton -
                    B: July 1889

                7. William H. Clanton     -
                     B: Feb. 1892

                8. Ernest L. Clanton        -
                    B: Mar. 1897

                9. Elbert (Edger)R. Clanton-
                    B: Apr. 1900

Children of MORRIS SHANE (1760’s-1821) cont’d.:

6. REBECCA BUCHANAN SHANE    - Never married.
    B: 1795 DavCoTn
    D: 1852 DavCoTn

   (1821 she was named in her father’s Will as a daughter and devisee. She had her
    parents’ Family Bible.)
   (1840 DavCoTn-D-314, "Miss Rebecca Shane.")
   (1850 DavCoTn-369-396)
   (6-4-1852 DavCoTn, Will Bk. 15, p. 482-3.) Rebecca made her Will.  It was produced
    for Probate in August 1852.
DavCoTn Bk. 15, p. 482-3, made 6-4-1852                            Recd. 5-24-1853

                                                          W I L L
Rebecca B. Shane, Dec’d.

I, REBECCA B. SHANE, being afflicted in body but sound in mind do make and publish this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following.  Viz:  First, I desire my funeral expenses with all of my just debts to be paid.  Second.  I will and bequeath all of
my personal and real estate to my three nieces, MARY M., MARGARET A., and
LOUCINDA R. STRONG.  This 4th day of June 1852. Given under my hand and seal.

                                                            REBECCA B. SHANE (seal)
Teste:  Joseph Binkley      Alfred S. Wright

State of Tenn. Davidson County Court August Term 1852.
A paper writing purporting to be the Last Will & Testament of REBECCA B. SHANE, Dec’d. was produced in open Court for probate and proved there Joseph Binkley and
Alfred S. Wright, the subscribing witnesses thereto who being first sworn depose and say that they became such in the presence of each other and that they verily believe that she was of sound and disposing mind and memory at the time of executing the same.  Ordered that said paper writing be admitted to record as such Last Will & Testament of the said REBECCA B. SHANE, Dec’d.

Children of MORRIS SHANE (1760’s-1821) cont’d.:

7.  MARGARET SHANE                      -
     B: 1790-1800

     (1821 mentioned in her father’s Will as a daughter and devisee.)

Children of MORRIS SHANE cont'd.:

8. RHODA SHANE                                - Thomas Strong
    B: 1799 DavCoTn                                 B: 1798
    D: 1870-80 WilsonCoTn                       D: 1860-70 DavCoTn  M: 12-22-1819 Dav

    (1830 DavCoTn-D-259)
    (1840 BedfordCoTn-B-57)
    (1850 DavCoTn-D-369-396, she living w/sis Rebecca, age 51.)
    (1860 DavCoTn-D-34)
    (1870 WilsonCoTn, Distr. 25, she a Widow, age 71.)

    1. Mary M. Strong                       - Jacob Myers
        B: 1822 DavCoTn                      B: 1820 Tn
        D:                                               D:                           M: 5-15-1858 DavCoTn

        (1880 WilsonCoTn, Distr. 25, she a Widow, age 50.)

    2. (f)_______ Strong                   -
         B: 1824 Dav     

    3. (m)______ Strong                   -
         B: 1825-30

    4. Margaret A. Strong (Twin)      -
         B: 1826

         (1850 living w/Aunt Rebecca Shane.)

    5. Jennett Strong (Twin)               -
         B: 1826

    6. Barnabas Strong                       -
         B: 1834

    7. Lucinda R. Strong                    -
        B: 1836
        (1880 WilsonCoTn, Distr. 25, living with sisters Harriet & Jennett.)

    8. Harriet Strong                          -
        B: 1839

        (1880 WilsonCoTn, Distr. 25, living w/sister Lucinda.)

Children of MORRIS SHANE (1760’s-1821) cont’d.:

9. ELEANOR (NELLIE) SHANE (Twin)   -  Never married.  Buried Shane
    B: 1800 DavCoTn                                       Cemetery, Hermitage, Tenn.
    D: Dec. 1841 DavCoTn

    (1821 she was named in her father’s Will as a daughter and devisee.)
    (1830 DavCoTn-D-259)
    (1840 DavCoTn-D-314)
    (11-22-1841 DavCoTn Will Bk. 12, p. 251-2) Elenor made her Will.  It was
     produced for Probate in January 1842. We think she died of cholera.

DavCoTn Bk. 12, p. 251-2, made 11-22-1841                  Recd. Jany. 9, 1842

                                                      W I L L


Know all men by these presents that I, ELLENOR SHANE of the State of Tennessee and county of Davidson, being sick and very weak but of perfect mind and memory do make and ordain this my Last Will & Testament.   First.  I want my body decently buried.
Secondly.  I want my land sold and put to the use of inclosing the graves of FATHER, MOTHER and CORNELIUS SHANE.  The rest of the overplus of all my effects, I freely give to my beloved sister REBECCA SHANE to have and to hold.  I also wish JAMES B. SHAIN be appointed my Executor.  And I do hereby utterly revoke and disannul all and other former Wills or Testaments made by me in any wise.
Witness whereof I hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 22nd day of November in the year of our Lord 1841.
                                                                   ELENOR (her mark) SHANE

Signed, sealed and delivered by her the said ELENOR SHANE as her Last Will & Testament in the presence of us.    Witness:  William Turner          J. K. Blair

State of Tenn. Davidson County Court January Term 1842.
A paper writing purporting to be the Last Will & Testament of ELENOR SHANE, Dec’d. was produced in open Couirt for probate & proven thus Wm. Turner & J. K. Blair, subscribing witnesses thereto, being first sworn depose and say that they became such in the presence of the said ELENOR SHANE and at her request and in the presence of each other and that they verily believe she was of sound & disposing mind & memory at the time of executing the same.  Ordered that said paper writing be admitted to record as such Will of the said ELENOR SHANE deceased.

Children of MORRIS SHANE (1760’s-1821) cont’d.:

10. NANCY SHANE (Twin)              -  William Melvin
      B: 1800 DavCoTn                             B: 1790-1800
      D: aft. 1870 DavCoTn                       D: 1837 DavCoTn    M: 8-12-1812 Dav(1-128)
                                                            (Son of Edmund Melvin B: 1764 Md.)
      (1840 DavCoTn-D-314)
      (1860 DavCoTn-D-38)
      (1870 DavCoTn, Distr. 4)


       1.  Edmund Melvin                  -  Eleanor Myers
            B:  1813 DavCoTn                  B: 1817 Tn
            D:                                            D:                           M: 6-28-1838 WilsonCoTn

            (1850 DavCoTn)
            (1860 DavCoTn)

             1. Nancy Melvin             -
                 B: 1843

             2. William Melvin          -
                  B: 1847

        2.  Andrew Melvin                  -   Nancy Melvin
             B: 1827 Tn                              B: 1827
             D:  May 1877 Tn                    D:                           M: 8-25-1845 WilsonCoTn

             (1850 DavCoTn, Distr. 4)
             (1870 DavCoTn, Distr. 4)


              1. Sarah Melvin                    -
                  B: 1846

              2. Martha Melvin                  -
                  B: 1848

              3. John Melvin                      -
                  B: 1854

              4. Mahala Melvin                  -
                  B: 1856

              5. Joseph Melvin                   -
                  B: 1858

              6. James Melvin                     -
                  B: 1861

              7. Nancy Melvin                     -
                  B: 1864

              8. Andrew Melvin                  -
                  B: 1867

              9. Ida May Melvin                  -
                  B: 1869

             10. Missouri Melvin                -
                   B: 1875

          3. Joseph Melvin                      -  ________________
              B: 1826                                    B:
              D:                                             D:                             M:

              (1850 WilsonCoTn, Distr. 25)
              (1860 DavCoTn-D-38)


               1. Elizabeth Melvin             -

               2. Wm. A. Melvin                -

          4.  Elizabeth Melvin                    -
               B: 1826 DavCoTn

               (1850 WilsonCoTn, Distr. 25.)

Children of MORRIS SHANE (1760’s-1821) cont’d.:

11. JAMES BUCHANAN SHANE                  - Asenath (Asentha) Guthrie
      B: 1801 DavCoTn                                          B: 1812 DavCoTn
      D:  1870-80 Ill/Mo                                         D: 1880-1900 Mo   M: 2-9-1833 DavCo
                                                          (Dau. of Henry Guthrie B: 12-10-1754 HanoverVa
                                                           & Nancy Ann Shackleford B: 10-8-1779 HalifaxVa)

      (1830 DavCoTn, he living w/mother Phoebe.)
      (1840 BedfordCoTn-B-61)
      (1845 DavCoTn) Sold his 60 acres on the Stones River to Coppage.)
      (1850 DavCoTn-D-126-360, Distr. 6, "Jas. B. Shain," living near Nolensville.)
      (1860 GilesCoTn-GI-7-106, Southern Subdiv.,, Bodenham, #59,farmer.)
      (1870 AdamsCoIll, Concord, P.O. Peyton, #144, farmer, "Sham".)
      (1880 LinnCoMo, Locust Creek, Dist. 185, #15, she a widow, age 65.)

        1. Ellen C. Shane                      - Jessie Morris
            B: 1834                                    B: 1811 Tn
            D:                                             D:                              M: 1-18-1859 DavCoTn
           (1870 WilsonCoTn, Dist. 22, Lebanon, #47.)


           1. Mathew Morris
               B: 1861 Tn

           2. Mary A. Morris
               B: 1864 Tn

        Children of JAMES B. SHANE cont'd.:

        2. Nancy Adeline Shane           - Joseph Engles
            B: 1837                                   B: 1834 Prussia
            D:                                            D:                            M: 12-16-1855 DavCoTn

            (1860 RuthCoTn, Distr. 3, Lavergne, Attorney.)
            (1870 RuthCoTn, Distr. 3, Murfreesboro.)
            (1880 RuthCoTn, Smyrna, Attorney.)


             1. John H. Engles              -  Eleanor F. Hartman
                 B: Nov. 1856 Tn               B: Dec. 1864 Tn     
                 D:                                      D:                         M:

                 (1900 RutherfordCoTn, CD 3, farmer, had 8 kids/8 living.)

             2. Ella M. Engles               -
                 B: 1858

             3. William J. Engles          -  Sallie E. __________
                  B: July 1863 Tn               B: Dec. 1871 Tn
                  D:                                     D:                         M: ca. 1893

                  (1900 RutherfordCoTn, CD 3, Physician.)

        3. Mary E. Shane                       - Alfred R. Phillips
            B: 1840                                     B: 1832 Tn
            D:                                              D:                             M: ca. 1864 Tn

            (1860 GilesCoTn, he living w/James Shane family.)
            (1870 BrownCoIll, Mt. Sterling.)
            (1880 MorganCoIll, Arcadia, Dist. 162.)

            1. Clarence A. Phillips
                B: 1865 Tn

            2. Ellen F. Phillips
                B: 1868 Ill.

            3. Luther A. Phillips
                B: 1873 Ill.

            4. Charles E. Phillips
                B: Sept. 1879 Ill.
        4. Lucinda D. Shane                  - James W. Burnett
            B: Mar. 1842 Tn                      B: Feb. 1852 Mo
            D:                                             D:                           M: 8-16-1892 Mo.

            (1880 LinnCoMo., she living w/mother.)
            (1900 LinnCoMo, Brookfield, Peck Street, married, "Burnett")
            (1910 LinnCoMo, Brookfield, Peck Street.)
            (1930 JacksonCoMo, Kansas City, widow age 88, "Lou D..")

        5. Asentha (Annie) Shane         -  John Hale
            B: 1844 Tn                                B: 1837 Ms.
            D:                                              D:                            M: ca. 1867 Tn

            (1880 SchuylerCoIll, Oakland, Distr. 271, #213, Shoemaker.)

            1. Lula Hale
                B: 1868 Tenn.

            2. Walter Hale
                B: 1870 Ill.

             3. Frederick Hale
                 B: 1874 Ill.

             4. Daisie Hale
                 B: 1876 Ill.

             5. Nellie Hale
                 B: 1879 Ill.

        Children of JAMES B. SHANE cont'd.:

        6. Joseph J. Shane                      - Anna M. _______
            B: 7-16-1846 Tn                       B: 1859 Mo
            D:  1-30-1902 LinnMo             D:                        M: ca. 1875
                                                         #2: Nannie ________
                                                               B: Mar. 1867 Ill.
                                                               D:                       M: ca. 1886
            (1880 MorganCoIll, Arcadia, farmer.)
            (1900 LinnCoMo, Brookfield, Ward 4.)
            (Buried Rose Hill Cemetery, Brookfield, LinnCoMo.)


            1. Eleva W. Shane
                B: 1876 Ill.

            2. Laura L. Shane
                B: 1879 Ill.

            3. Luther Shane
                B: Jan. 1887 Mo.

            4. Josie Shane
                B: May 1892 Ill.

        7. Martha E. Shane                     -
            B: 1848

        8. Elmira J. (Almira) Shane       -  Joseph Brown Ausmus
            B: 8-3-1850 Tn                          B: 2-22-1847 Ill.
            D: 1-24-1902 LinnCoMo           D: 9-21-1935        M: 10-14-1865 DavCoTn

            (1870 AdamsCoIll, Concord.)
            (1880 LinnCoMo, Jackson Township, she age 29.)
            (She buried Laclede, Mo.)

            1. Annie Ausmus
                B: 1868 Ill.

            2. William Frank Ausmus
                 B: June 1869 Ill.

            3. Ida Lou Ausmus                 - ____________ Davis
                B: 1874 Ill.                            B:
                D:                                          D:                          M:

            4. Leila Mae Ausmus             - Edwin L. Goodrich
                B: 9-20-1878 Mo.                 B:
                D:                                          D:                          M:
            5. Joseph J. Ausmus              - Lula Mae Cotter
                B: 9-16-1881 Mo                 B:
                D:                                         D:                          M: 9-20-1905

            6. Arthur Ausmus                  - Gertrude _________
                B: Jan. 1887                         B:
                D:                                         D:                         M:

       Children of JAMES B. SHANE cont'd.:

        9. Frances J. (Fanny) Shane       - #1: Austin D. Howell
            B: July 1852 Tn                             B: 6-2-1852 Ill
            D: aft. 1930 JacksonCoMo            D:  12-11-1917 Kans.    M:
                                                             #2: Benjamin F. Jones
                                                                   D:                             M: 12-26-1892 LinnCoMo
            (1870 AdamsCoIll., she living w/parents.)
            (1880 LinnCoMo, Locust Creek, #21, age 24, Fanny Howell.)
            (1900 LinnCoMo, Jefferson, Fannie Jones, widow, age 48, had 5 kids/4 living.)
            (1910 LinnCoMo, Distr. 0070, widow, nurse, had 5 kids/3 living.)
            (1920 LosAngelesCA, Pasadena, living w/dau. Beulah J. Hawkins, age 64.)
            (1930 JacksonCoMo, Kansas City, #1646, liv. w/sis Lou D. Burnett, age 73.)

            1. James T. Howell (1875 Ill.)
            2. Effie J. Howell (1879 Ill.)
            3. Hattie Howell (July 1881 Ill.)
            4. Beulah Jones (Mar. 1894 Mo.)

       10. William Robert Shane           - Dot (Lea) Kline
             B:  Dec. 1855 Tn                      B: May 1866 Ill.
             D:                                              D:                       M: 10-25-1892 Mo
                                                       (Her #2: Fred J. Emmons
                                                                     B: 1870 NY
                                                                     D: 1920-30 Mo    M: 1910-20
             (1870 BrownCoIll, Mt. Sterling.)
             (1880 LinnCoMo, Locust Creek, Distr. 185, #15, he living w/mother.)
             (1900 LinnCoMo, Brookfield, Ward 2, #120 Shane Street, Minister.)
             (1910 JacksonCoMo, Kansas Ward 9, widow, dressmaker, had 1 child/1 liv.)
             (1920 JacksonCoMo, Kansas City Ward 2, "Emmons.")
             (1930 JacksonCoMo, Kansas City, #1646, widow, age 63.)


             1. Ruth Shane                -  Thomas C. Butler
                 B: Sept. 1893 Mo          B: 1890 Kans.
                 D:                                  D:                                M:

                (1920 JacksonCoMo, Kansas City, Ward 2.)
DavCoTn Bk. 7, p. 380, made 4-3-1845                                Regd. 4-4-1845
                                                   D E E D

I, JAMES SHANE, for and in consideration of the sum of $1,200 to me paid have bargained and sold, do hereby transfer and convey unto to Thomas S. Coppage, his heirs and assigns forever a certain piece or parcel of ground lying and being in the county of Dav. State of Tenn., being Lot No. 2 in the division of the real estate of MORRIS SHANE amongst his heirs and being the same which was laid off to me in said division, which is recorded in the Clerk’s Office of the Circuit Court of said county and bounded as follows, viz:

Beginning on the NW corner of the lot laid off in said division to the HEIRS OF CORNELIUS SHANE on a line, thence W. 120 poles to a stake sassafras pointers the NW corner of Lot No. 1 in said division, thence S. 32 poles to a dogwood on the W. boundary of Lot No. 1 in such division, thence W. 90 poles to a sycamore or over crop oak on the Bank of Stones River, thence down said River with its meanders 167 poles to the mouth of Stones Creek, thence up said Creek with its meanders 115 poles to a hickory on the Bank of said Creek, thence S. 4 poles to a rock, thence W. 15 poles 5 links to a stake, thence S. 31 poles to the beginning, containing 60 Acres.

To have and to hold with all and singular the improvements and hereditaments and appurtenances thereto belonging unto him the said Thos. S. Coppage, his heirs and assigns forever.  And I covenant with the said Thos. S. Coppage, his heirs and assigns that I am lawfully seized of said ground and premises and I have a good right to convey same and that the same is unencumbered, and I further covenant and bind my heirs and representatives to warrant and forever defend the title of said ground and premises to the said Coppage, his heirs and assigns against all claims whatever.  April 3, 1845.
                                                                     JAMES SHANE
State of Tenn. Dav. Co.
Personally appearing before me Robt. B. Castleman Clerk of the County Court of said county the above named JAMES SHANE the bargainor with whom I am personally acquainted and who acknowledged that he executed the above deed for the purposes therein contained.  Tax paid. Witness my hand at Office this 3rd day of April 1845.
                                                                    Robert B. Castleman
Children of MORRIS SHANE (1760’s-1821) cont’d.:

12. CORNELIUS SHANE                    - He was the youngest child and never
       B: ca. 1812 DavCoTn                       married.  Died in his early twenties.
       D: 1836 DavCoTn                             Most likely died of cholera.

       (5-18-1821) Will of Morris Shane . . . . .”I do give and bequeath unto my
       youngest son Cornelius Shane one hundred acres of land I now live on to be
       laid off so as to include the apple orchard.”

       (1830 DavCoTn-D-259, he living with his mother Phoebe.)

       Phoebe died in 1836 and he died about the same time  He is buried in the
       Shane Family Cemetery on Hoggetts Ford Road in Hermitage, Tenn.


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  1. Excellent research. John Hickerson, one of the chain carriers for the 1784 survey, was my 4th great grandfather. He was killed by Indians in 1790 while serving as a scout with a group of militia in pursuit of a marauding band of Indians on Smith's Fork, a branch of Caney Creek, south of the Cumberland River. His death was published in several historical memoirs.