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Friday, January 3, 2014

Starkey, etc. notes

Starkey, etc. notes

There is a post on genforum .com that states Agnes Starkey is the daughter of William Harper Wright.  He is only about 11 years older than Agnes.  Agnes was an heir of Charles Wright and was perhaps a niece of William Harper Wright or a younger sister.  

1st Circuit Court Jan. Term Apr 1880
Mary Starkey vs Charles Starkey dismissed
The parties are now living together.

Nashville City Cemetery
Date of burial  Age     Name                         Remarks
09/13   1859    10       Starkey, William  H.   son of Samuel Starkey
07/31   1860    57        Starkey,                      child of William Starkey on Sam Starkeys lot
02/03   1866    10        Starkey, Andrew        son of Sam Starkey
02/09   1866    n/a                                          child of W. M. Kibeson Sam Starkey lot
02/14   1866    n/a                                          child of T.K. Ritter on Sam Starkeys lot
01/26   1868    n/a       Bitters, George A.       son of J. R. Bitters Sam Starkey lot
09/11   1869    1          Starkeys                      child of Mr. Ritter
02/02   1874    19        Dillin,Mary E.            Samuel Starkeys lot, Section 29, lot 44, south side of Cherry
11/30   1877    n/a       Still Born                    child of Charles Starkey
05/24   1880    38        Dillion, Rebecca         paid grave on Sam Starkey lot
09/17   1883                Starkey, S. J.               still born  grave on S. Starkey lot
09/29   1883    49        Ritter, John                 grave on S. Starkey lot
04/10   1885    69        Starkey, Samuel J.      grave on Sam J. Starky lot, Section 29, lot 44, south side of Cherry
10/24   1888    71        Starkey, Agnes, Mrs.  wife of Samuel Starkey, dec.

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