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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Buchanan Family Middle Tennessee, Miscellaneous Notes

North Carolina Grant to Archibald Bucchanan (Buchanan) Clover Bottom tract.

Davidson County, TN
Deed Book B, p. 224

State of North Carolina No. 583.  To all to whom these presents shall cause
greeting.  Know ye that we for and in consideration of the sum of ten pounds
foe every hundred acres hereby granted paid into our treasury by Archibald
Bucchanan, have given and granted and by these presents do give and grant unto
Archibald Bucchanan a tract of land containing six hundred and forty acres
lying and bing in our County of Davidson on the waters of Stones river
including the place called clover bottom.  Beginning at a double white oak and
[illegible] a bluff of the river about twelve poles above the mouth of a small
branch.  Running South one hundred and twenty eight poles to a dogwood and
sugar tree, West two hundred and seventy poles to a corner in James Todds
line.  Thence with his line North twenty five poles to said Todds corner at
the mouth of his spring branch, up Stones river according to it's course
meanders to the beginning.  With all [illegible] waters and [illegible]
minerals hereditaments and appurtenances to the said land belonging or
appurtening.  To hold to the said Archibald Bucchanan his heirs and assigns
forever.  Which land was surveyed for the said Bucchanan June 6, 1788 by
Daniel Smith agreeable to an entry dated Dec. 11, 1784.  The grant signed
Samuel Johnston with seal of the State affixed and dated Nov. 26, 1789.
Countersigned James Glasgow Sec Andrew Ewing D. R.

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