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Thursday, March 6, 2014

John Steel(e) White County and Dekalb County TN War of 1812

Note:  John Steel, Sr. lived in White Co., when he joined the 
Military, I don't think he ever moved, just ended up in Dekalb when it was 

War of 1812 Pension Application file Widow's Application #19155, National
- No. 6452, Act of Feb. 14, 1871, John Steel Sr., Smithville, Dekalb Tenn.,
Capt. Hellums Co., Tennessee Militia, discharged 1814, rejected by reason of
death of the claimant, 31 August 1871, Rejected 21 Feb, 1874, with Widow's
Application #19155, Oct. 9/78 A. R.S.
Declaration of Surviving Soldier for Pension.  Act of February 14, 1871.
State of Tennessee, Dekalb County.  On this 25th day of March, A. D. one
thousand eight hundred and seventy one, personally appeared before me The
Clerk of the County Court a court of record within and for the County and
State aforesaid John Steel, aged 83 years, a resident of _______, County of
Dekalb, and State of Tennessee, who, being duly sworn according to law,
declares that His 1st wifes name was Jane Compton he married in Wilson Co.
Tenn. 1810, he is now married; that his wifes name was Mahala Goodman to whom
he married in Dekalb county, on the ____ day of ___ 1845;  that he served the
full period of sixty days in the Military service of the United States in the
war of 1812; that he is the identical John Steel who volunteered in Captain
George Hellums Company, Benton's Regiment, ______ Brigade, Jackson's Division,
in White county in the State of Tennessee, on the ___ day of ___, 1813, and
was honorably discharged at Pensacola florida on the date not now remembered
1813 or 1814, that he was in the Horse Shoe Battle.  He served his time in
Florida.  He received Bounty Land but does not now remember the No. of the
warrant or under what act he obtained it.  That he at no time, during the late
rebellion against the authority of the United States , adhered to the cause of
the enemies of the Government, giving them aid and comfort, or exercised the
functions of any office whatever under any authority or pretended authority in
hostility to the United States;   and that he will support the constitution of
the United States; that he is not in receipt of a pension under any previous
act; he has never received a pension or applied for one before.  That he makes
this declaration for the purpose of being placed on the pension role of the
United States under the provisions of the Act of February 14, 1871; and he
hereby constitutes and appoints, with full power of substitution and
revocation, CHARLES C. TUCKER, of Washington , D. C., his true and lawful
attorney, to prosecute his claim and obtain the pension certificate that may
be issued; that his post office is at Smithville, county of Dekalb, State of
Tennessee, and that his domicile or place of abode is near Smithville.  

O. D. Robinson         his
     John  X  Steel Sen
T. M. Anderson        mark 

No. 6452 Treasury Department, Third Auditors Office, April 18, 1873.
Respectfully returned to the Commission of Pensions with the information that
John Steel enlisted in Capt. George Hallum's Company 39th U. S. Infantry for
one year on the 5th November 1813 and was honorably discharged from Capt.
Gray's Company 39th U. S. Infantry the 4th November 1814.
Allan Rutherford, Auditor.

No. 19,155 SERVICE PENSION.   WAR OF 1812, Act of March 1878.   Mahaley Steel,
Dekalb co., Tenn., WIDOW of John Steel, Died August 4, 1871


No. 11,189  WAR OF 1812, Act of March 1878.   WIDOWS' PENSION. Tennessee,
Mahaley Steel, widow of John Steel, Rank- Private, Company - Capt. G. Hallum's
, Regiment - 39 U S Infty.  Knoxville Agency, Rate per Month- Eight dollars.
Commencing March 9, 1878.  Certificate dated Nov 23 ‘78 and sent to Pension
Agent 29 Dec ‘78.

State of Tennessee
County of Dekalb
 On this the 18th day of April A D One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy
Eight personally appeared before one E J Evans the same being a court of
record within and for the County and State aforesaid Mahaly Steel aged about
56 years a Resident of Dekalb County Tennessee who being sworn according to
law That she is a widow of John Steele who was the identical John Steel who
served under the name of John Steel as a private in the company commanded by
Captain She cannot now remember his name in the Regiment of Col Halems She is
not positive She only recollects hearing her husband speak of the name and she
thinks it was the War of 1812 in which he served and was a volunteer but
cannot tell what place or day he entered Service & thinks she has heard him
say he served a term of 12 months, he would if living be about 90 years of
age- was a farmer, cannot recollect his birth place but thinks it was Wilson
County Tennessee about 6 feet 7 1 inch high had light hair and gray eyes
complection fair, She further states that she was married to John Steel in
Dekalb County Tennessee on 8th day of November 1844- by one John M Whitley J.
P. for Dekalb County Tennessee and that her name before said marriage was
Mahaley Goodman and has not remarried since the death of said soldier and she
further states that John Steel had been married to Jane Compton who died in
Dekalb County Tennessee some time before her marriage with said soldier and
that her said husband John Steel died in Dekalb County Tennessee 4th day of
August 1871 - and she further states that John Steel her said husband resided
in Dekalb County Tennessee during their marriage until his death and he lived
in Dekalb County when she first new him cannot tell where he had lived before
she was aquainted with him She makes this declaration for the purpose of
obtaining the pension to which she may be entitled under the provisions of
sections 7436 to 4740 inclusive Revised Statutes and the act of march 9th
1878, and hereby appoints B M Cantrell of Smithville Tennessee her true &
lawful attorney, to prosecute her claims and she further declares that her
husband John Steel received a land warrant on account of having been a soldier
but she cannot tell year nor under what act of Congress he received it. And
John Steel filed his application for pension in 1871 - She does not now
remember the number but refers to it for context.  She never has made any
application for pension bounty nor land grant before this, and that her post
office address is Smithville Dekalb County Tennessee-

J. S. Calvert     her
J. T. Hayes    Mahaley  X  Steel

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