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Monday, November 10, 2014

The Three Husbands of Silvia Chambliss.

Harris, Hargrove, Whitehead

The Three Husbands of Silvia Chambliss.
Genealogical Abstracts of Wills 1758 through 1824: Halifax County, North Carolina abstracted by Margaret M. Hofmann
Will Book 3
Page 156 ELIAS HARRIS 16 Oct 1788 Nov Ct 1788
Daughters SALLEY POPE and LUCY BLANTON and son ASA HARRIS 20 shillings each son ABNER HARRIS 20 shillings etc. My 4 daughters FRANCES HARRIS, CATHARINE HARRIS, PHEBE HARRIS and MARY HARRIS and sons HUGH HARRIS and ARTHUR HARRIS horse, bridle etc. each when they are 21 lend wife SILVIA HARRIS residue of estate for her life
Extrs: my brothers ISAAC HARRIS and HOWELL HARRIS and my wife and son ABNER

The Deeds of Halifax County, North Carolina 1796-1802 abstracted by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr.
Proof Silvia Chambliss Harris married John Hargrove
 Deed Book 18
Page 231
Articles of Agreement.  Elias Harris left his will dated 16 Oct 1785.  After his decease, his widow Silvia married Colo. John Hargrove "who is now about to remove himself & family to the Western Country".  Now Isaac Harris & Abner Harris, executor of sd will, in behalf of the orphans of sd Elias Harris, sell the residue of the estate for the support of sd widow & sd orphans until they marry or come of age.  Sd John & Silvia Hargrove agree to the arrangement.  2 Sept 1797.  John (x) Hargrove, Silvia (x) Hargrove, Isaac Harris, Abner Harris.  Wit:  Thos. Turner, Jas. Phips, Wm. Hargrove.  Nov Ct 1797  L. Long, CCT

John Hargrove moved with Silvia, his children, some of her Harris children to Davidson Tennessee where he died late in the year of 1798. He died after Sept 21, 1798, on which date he wrote a letter of consent for his daughter Sally to marry Josiah Green Duke. He did not leave a will.
His widow Silvia married Benjamin Whitehead in Davidson Co., TN on September 16, 1800.

John Hargove's heirs in 1801 were:
1. John D. Hargrove, 2. Josiah Green Duke (married Sally Hargrove, about September 21, 1798 at Davidson Co. TN), 3. Lucy M. Hargrove, 4. Benjamin Whitehead (married Silvy Hargrove about September 16, 1800 at Davidson Co. TN. Her name was written as Sally in the marriage book but is Silvy on the original marriage bond.), 5. Harris Dowlin (married Susannah Hargrove in 1799 at Davidson Co. TN), 6. Thomas Hargrove, 7. William Hargrove. Silvy was his widow.  Sivia Chambliss Harris Hargrove Whitehead.

The Deeds of Halifax County, North Carolina 1796-1802 abstracted by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr.
Proof Silvia Chambliss Harris Hargrove married Benjamin Whitehead
Deed Book 19
Page 445
Benjamin Whitehead & his wife Silvia (x) to Thomas Turner.  25 Jun 1804.  Elias Harriss late of Halifax Co., who was the former husband of sd Silvia, willed to her a life estate to land on Marsh Swamp, joining Isaac Harriss & others, being the land where sd Elias Harriss died.  Sd Silvia later married John Hargrove.  On 2 Sept 1797, she & sd Hargrove made an agreement with Isaac Harriss & Abner Harriss executors of sd Elias Harriss; now sd land to be sold in conformity with the agreement.  This deed to make legal the transfer to sd Thomas Turner.  5 shillings.   Wit:  BenjaminWilliams, William Killingsworth.
Sd Silvia was a resident of Montgomery Co. Tennessee & her consent was obtained there.
Feb Ct 1805.  CC:  L. Long

Deed Book 21
Page 294
Abner Harris of Montgomery Co Tennessee, surviving executor of Elias Harris dec'd to James & B. Harris executors of Isaac Harris dec'd who was executor of Elias Harris dec'd.  26 Aug 1808.  Received  819L 2s 11p; also received was 16L 4s 8p due from the estate of Elias Harris to Benj Whitehead & wife; also received from James & Benj Harris executors a receipt from Oliver Fitts 17 Apr 1808 for 407L 11s 2; to discharge a judgment obtained by Benj Whitehead & wife against the executors of Elias Harris dec'd.  Wit: John Patrick, William Williams.  May Ct 1809.  Rich H. Long CC

Three Husbands

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