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Monday, November 10, 2014

Miscellaneous Davidson County folks, places, etc.

I have made a lot of posts on rootsweb over the years, but can no longer log in on that site.  In case the posts disappear, I am going to copy them over to this blog.  It will be a hodgepodge but should be indexed for searches by google. 

Posted by: Debie Cox Date: December 05, 2001 at 12:35:44
  of 5957

Thought this might be helpful to someone....not my line, just ran across it.

Davidson County, Tennessee
Deed Book Z, page 118
Deed of Release

18 September 1836

Eli E. Bass                                                        Of
John M. & Melvina C. Bass

I, Eli E. Bass of the State of Missouri and County of Boone, for and in consideration of my brother, John M. Bass of the State of Tennessee and County of Davidson, jointly with his wife, Melvina C. Bass, executed to me a release for such part of the real and personal property of our deceased father, Peter Bass, as upon a division between us made by mutual consent was set apart to me accompanied by a covenant on their part that in case any part of said property were lost … now therefore I assign all my interest to the following ~ Griffin, Judah and her two children Elizabeth & Eliza, Carter, Aleck, Soloman. The seven negroes having belonged to the firm of Martin, Miller & Co. of Huntsville, of which firm said Peter Bass was a partner at the time of his death. Dennis, Hal or Harry & Charlotte, having belonged to the firm of Bass & Spence of Nashville of which firm said Peter Bass was a partner at the time of his death; Lindsley, belonging to the individual estate of decedent. 8 June 1832 Eli E. Bass In the presence of Orville Ewing, Henry Ewing
State of Tennessee Davidson County Circuit Court May Term 1832
Deed of Release from Eli E. Bass of the one part and John M. Bass of the other part was acknowledged in open court by the said Eli E. Bass to be his act and deed and ordered to be registered.
Test: Jacob McGavock Clerk of said Court [pp118/119]
 Daniel Binkley died intestate, he did not have a will. G. W. Charlton was appointed administrator of his estate and the sale of inventory of Daniel Binkley is recorded in Will Book 8, p. 460, stating the sale was held on Feb. 5th 1825.

The following heirs of Daniel Binkley are identified in his land division. Davidson Co., TN will book 9, p. 73, 74. Daniel Binkley, Decd. Land Divided Recorded Dec. 28, 1826 Surveyed on the 31st of July, 1826, 150 acres of land.
Lot # 1-drawn by Ann Strong, Lot # 2-drawn by Anthony Binkley, Lot # 3-drawn by Franklin Binkley, Lot # 4-drawn by Almeada Binkley, Lot # 5-drawn by Isaac Binkley, Lot # 6-drawn by Mary Earhart, Lot # 7-drawn by John Binkley, Lot # 8-drawn by William Binkley, Lot # 9-drawn by Mahala Binkley, Lot # 10-drawn by Nelly Binkley, Lot # 11-drawn by Martha Binkley.

Daniel lived in Robertson Co. TN until shortly before his death. He purchased property in July of 1824 on Stones River near his brother Frederick. After Daniel's death his widow Catherine married Edward Elam. She died about 1839.
Regarding Elizabeth Bennett Durat
 January 1787: "Elizabeth Hinslar for having a bastard child. Witness, Wm Wills."

April 1787: "State vs. Elizabeth Hinslar for having a bastard child which charge her attorney confesses; fined 25/ which he paid."

July 1788: "Eanos Hooper swears that some time after the death of James Ireson he recd from Elizabeth Hanslar...."

"This indenture made 7 July 1791 between Timothy Demumbre of one part and Elizabeth Bennett commonly [illegible] of the town and county aforesaid..."

"This indenture made 8 July 1791 between Timothy Demumbre of Davidson County of one part and Philis Theodore Bennett, son of Elizabeth Bennett, commonly called Hinslar..."

"This indenture made 8 July 1791 between Timothy Demumbre of Davidson County of the one part and Polly, daughter of Elizabeth Bennett, commonly called Himslar..."

OCTOBER 1791: Deed, Timothy Demmumbre to Elizabeth Bennett proven by B. Searcy.."

"This indenture made 1 June 1793 between Joseph Durrett and Elizabeth his wife otherwise called Elizabeth Bennett of Davidson County..."

July 1793: "Deed Joseph Durratt to Timothy Demumbre proven..."

This indenture made 14 Mar 1797 between Timothy Demunbrun of Davidson County of the one part and Elizabeth Derrett, wife of Joseph Derrett..."

October 1797: "Deed Timothy Demumbre to Elizabeth Durrett wife of [not legible] Durrett ackd"

"This indenture made __ of __ 1798 between James Bryant of Davidson County of the one part and Elizabeth Derratt..."

"This indenture made 24 Mar 1802 between Joseph and Elizabeth Deratt.... Joseph and Elizabeth Derratt conveyed unto William Smith..."

Her legal name was Elizabeth Bennett. I don't know if that was her maiden name. The phrase "commonly called Hinslar" is like "commom law". It is a name that she was known by but it was not her legal name. Just the same as in a common law marriage a couple was thought of as married but they were not legally married.

Timothy Demonbreun Jr.
It was not one arrest. Timothy III was charged a number of times between 1845 and 1856, most of the time for gaming but also for counterfitting. His brother William R. Demonbreun was also charged many times during this period with gaming. William was also charged with retailing. Not sure what that meant but it was a common charge, maybe selling without a license? The first volume of Criminal Court Minutes is missing so there are no records before 1845.

In the records Timothy is usually referred to as Tim or Timothy Demonbreun. One time he is referred to as Timothy Demonbreun Jr. and his father as Timothy Sr. His father was signing as security for him.

I stated in an earlier post that counterfiting did not necessarily mean phony money...but as you will see from the following Timothy was charged as dealing in phony money. His trial resulted in mistrial and he was not prosecuted again on this charge.

"October Term 1846
The Grand Jury returned into court a Bill of Indictment which is in the words and figures following to wit: Timothy Demonbreun (Jr.) late of the county aforesaid (Davidson)….on the tenth day of September 1846 did feloniously and fraudulently have and keep in his possession twenty pieces of base and adulterated coin made to imitate and resemble a genuine coin …and with intent fraudulently to impose the same upon the community."

 Felix Demonbreun
I read a post from a few months ago wondering about Felix being named Timothy. There is no factual evidence that I have ever seen Felix was called Timothy and no record that I have seen where Felix gave his name as Timothy. Is there anyone who has any source (primary)that this was so? Kathryn De Monbreun Whitefort was a descendant of Felix. When she searched the baptismal records for Felix and found no child by that name, she just made him into Timothy, born in 1770. This baptismal record does not give Timothy's name as Felix.

From all that I have seen Felix Demonbreun was not that old. In the 1850 Edmondson Co., KY census Felix's age is given as 61. He would have been born about 1789. I believe the child of Elizabeth named in this deed abstract is Felix: On Aug. 16 1793, Timothy Demonbreun deeded to Philix Theodore Bennett son of Elizabeth Bennett a one acre town lot in Nashville...Davidson Co. Deed Book C:188-89 He also deeded a lot to her daughter Polly Bennett.

Does anyone have a copy of Felix Demonbreun 1812 penison file? This brief abstract is all I have seen. It would hopefully give some information on where he lived at different time periods, his age, other data. Apparently it does give his date of marriage to Mary Ann Cagle in Robertson County, a record that no longer exists. Some of these files contains certified copies of the marriage.

Posted by: Debie Cox Date: July 08, 2001 at 13:17:19
In Reply to: Felix Demonbreun by Sherry of 603

You are dealing with two different men here and have combined them into one. There was a Timothy born in 1770 and baptized in Kaskaskia. No one knows for certain what happened to him, one would assume he died as a second son born in 1788 and also baptized at Kaskaskia was named Timothy.

Felix Demonbreun was a son of Elizabeth Bennett. He was born almost 20 years after the first Timothy. He moved from TN to KY and was a Baptist preacher. On July 8, 1791, Timothy Demonbreun deeded to Philix Theodore Bennett, son of Elizabeth Bennett, commonly called Hensler, a one acre town lot in Nashville...DCDB C:188-89. On the same date he also deeded a lot to Polly Bennett, daughter of Elizabeth Bennett, commonly called Hensler. The phrase "commonly called Hensler" would indicate that she was known by and used the name but that it was not her legal name.

Felix Demonbreun did not, to my knowledge, use the name Timothy or Timothy Felix. I have not in 20 years plus of research seen him called any thing but Felix in any primary record. DAR records are unreliable, as secondary sources have been accepted to show proof of age and parentage of an ancestor. Often these are published sources that make untrue claims with no valid source for the information.

I agree with Sherry, there is no factual basis to say that Timothy b. 1770 and Felix are the same person. There are enough legitimate primary sources to prove that Felix is a son of Elizabeth.

Demonbreun, Felix or Felix Demunbrun, Mary Ann (Cagley) WC-5747, m 24 May 1809 Robinson Cty TN, sd 5 Oct 1868 Hurt Cty KY, wd 6 May 1876, srv
Frederick Stump's TN Mil, lived Edmonson Cty KY & wid also lived Metcalfe Cty KY

On Aug. 16 1793, Timothy Demonbreun deeded to Polly Bennett daughter of Elizabeth Bennett a one acre town lot in Nashville. The record is in Davidson County deed book C, page 189.
Robert Russell
Will of Robert Russell, written September 19, 1888, presented for probate September 1888, presented for probate September 27, 1888 and recorded September Term 1888 in Davidson Co. Will Book 30, page 17. witnessed by R. R. Freeman and W. F. Glenn, Excutor Andrew J. Caldwell.

Directs executor to sell lot no. 145 on Summer St. in the City of Nashville “immediately adjoining my new residence & upon which the old residence is situated… and apply the proceeds or so much there of as may be necessary to the payment of the debt for purchase money due thereon to the Nashville & Chattanooga Railway Co.

Directs executor to sell lot “in Hardings addition to Nashville on Short St. in North Nashville if he should think it best to do so.”

Directs executor to sell personal property “all or so much as he may think necessary”

“I direct that all of my property of every kind and description to go to my son Thomas Osborn Summers Russell, to be vested in him absolutely. I desire my son Thomas Osborn Summers Russell to be supported and educated out of the income of my property, and in the event the income should not prove sufficient for that purpose I hereby authorize empower & direct my Executor to use so much of the Corpus of the estate as may be necessary.”

“I hereby appoint Andrew J. Caldwell, Esquire attorney at law as my Executor of my last will and testament and as guardian of my son Thomas Osborn Summers Russell…”

The name Thomas Osborn Summers Russell is listed several times and the second name is always Osborn. Andrew J. Caldwell, Caldwell was a Tennessee State Representative (1880 and 1882). He was then elected as a US Representative from Tennessee, serving from 1883 to 1887.

Dr. Robert Russell was the founder of the "dental department of the College of Nashville, which college has been adopted by the University of Tennessee."

according to, "John B. McFerrin, A Biography", written in 1889 by O. P. Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald was a friend of McFerrin and the copyright for the book was filed by McFerrin's son.

The Minister John B. McFerrn was born 15 Jun 1807 in Rutherford Co., TN. His was James McFerrin, son of William and Jane Laughlin McFerrin. His mother was Jane Campbell Berry. He was named for his mother's father, John Berry.

While Agnes had a son named James McFerrin, he was not the father of the noted Methodist Minister. Archibald Buchanan died before John Berry McFerrin was born, so could not have been his guardian.
Major John Buchanan of Buchanan's Station and Archibald Buchanan were cousins of some sort. Possibly Archibald and Major John's father were first cousins. All of the early TN Buchanan's were related some more closely than others. There were so many at the same time with the same first names that it is hard to tell who belongs to who. For example there were several adult Samuel Buchanan's in Davidson Co., late 1700's, early 1800's. Very confusing and requires very careful examination of the county records.
For anyone interested in the Fontaine family of Middle Tennessee, this site will be helpful. Fontaine

I was given information on the family of Mathias Kissinger and his wife Sarah Ryland Cox years ago by Eugene Luckey. Mathias born about 1800 in VA, was supposedly son of Andrew born 1756 in PA. Sarah Ryland Cox was born about 1805 in Knox Co., TN, daughter of Samuel and Caty Bruce Cox. Mathias and Sarah were married in Knox Co., TN December 24, 1821. I am not sure how accurate the info, is but I am happy to share so someone can follow up on it. Children were:
              WILLIAM KISSINGER Abt. 1823
              RACHEL KISSINGER 3-27-1824
              JOHN KISSINGER 12-15-1825
              MARY KISSINGER Abt. 1828
              SUSAN KISSINGER Abt. 1832
              ANDREW KISSINGER Abt. 1834
Mathias married second Mrs. Elizabeth Carden and had issue:

Ran across this and thought it might be helpful to someone. This is just a brief abstract.

Davidson Co., TN Circuit Court, Sept. Term 1838, p. 45

Susan Quimby v. Burrel Quimby Petition for Divorce and Final Decree.

Plaintiff was born and lived her whole life in State of TN, married defendant about 30 years ago. Mother of 12 children, 10 now living. Defendant had been absent for some years when plaintiff's father [John Rains] died in March of 1834. He came home but left when he learned complainant had filed bill to secure her inheritance to herself and children. He has been gone since September 1835.

Posted by: Debie Cox (ID *****9051) Date: September 27, 2003 at 17:13:03
In Reply to: Quimby-Demonbreun by Pat Lundy of 844

Barbara Quimby was a daughter of Burwell and Susannah Rains Quimby. Her father was born in ca. 1784 Wayne Co. NC and her mother was born in ca. 1784 Davidson Co. TN. Burwell and Susannah were married in Davidson Co., TN August 09, 1806. Barbara was married to her first cousin John Rains Demonbreun May 28, 1846 in Davidson Co. TN. and later lived in Robertson Co. TN.

The following is very hard to follow, it's from a letter written by Felix W. Magee of Kose, TX in 1890, to one of his Allen cousins in Mississippi.

"Polly Allen married Spillbury Tribble. They had five girls and a son, Franklin Tribble. Franklin Tribble died in 1873 and had two children by his first wife. She died and he moved to Texas in 1843. Spilbury Tribble died in 1843. They had five girls and a son, Franklin Tribble and they had two children by his first wife and she died and he moved to Texas in 1843.

His daughter married a Mr. Touchstone and they moved to Shanghi, Arkansas and took with them her brother Augustus. He married a beautiful woman. he was a soldier and never heard of after the Battle of Oak Hills. Elizabeth Tribble married Dr. Pearson and had several children. He died and she was living with her son Thos. W. Pearson, in Victoria, Texas in 1784. Annie Tribble married Mr. Gordon and had one son. Both are dead. Hulda Tribble married A. Ervin. She died in 1847. Two daughters, both married and lived a short time. Cynthis (a?) Tribble married a Mr. Derdan, left one child. Both are dead. Emaline Tribble married Granson Harris Mar. 24 1836. They had one child. Harrid died and she married the second time Richard F. McKee. He accidently shot himself in 1849. She had two children by McKee. The son James Franklin McKee. On the 20th day of May Emaline married a third time a Mr. Owen Lucas. They had two children. He died in 1874. Emaline was keeping a hotel in Baldwin, Miss. in 1874. James F. and sister were living with her at that time."

Polly/Mary Allen was probably living with her parents in Montgomery Co., in Tennessee at the time that she married Spilsby Tribble. There were probably married sometime around 1795/1800. Spilsby recieved 820 acres in Dickson Co., TN in 1811. There is a Spillesbee Tribble in the 1820 census for Pike Co., Mississippi.

This family is often confused with the neighboring Binkley families and are often found as Binkley's in the records including census.

Eli Brinkley died in March of 1856. He was married to Catherine Swigart in Davidson Co. TN in 1830. His widow Catherine later married John B. Demonbreun. His children are identified in a Davidson County Chancery Court File # 1663 at Metro Archives of Nashville and Davidson Co., TN.

1. William L. Brinkley
2. Eli Jackson, died after age 2, unmarried, without issue.
3. Elizabeth, m. Thomas J. Feltz
4. Sarah C., m. an Osborne
5. Margaret, m. Henry Carney, she died 7 Dec. 1857, left one child who died soon after.
6. Hardy Washington
7. Willie (Wiley)
8. Walton H.
9. Josephine
10. Samuel
11. Tennessee (Lettitia)
12. Susan Jane
13. James Alexander (Sandy)
14. Georgetta

Note: Not in the chancery file, Georgetta Brinkley married Meyer Cohen. She gave a building to Peabody College in Nashville in honor of her husband.
B. W. Smith of Wilson County
Nashville Union & American Sunday April 11, 1869

B. W. Smith one of the earliest settlers in Wilson Co., died at his residence in Statesville on the the 24th ult. Mr. Smith emigrated to Tennessee from Virginia in 1809 and settled in Wilson County. He died at the ripe old age of 79.

I have no further info, just ran across this and hoped it would help someone.
I am interested in Eliza Capps born about 1811, who married Thomas Jefferson Harmon September 10, 1829 in Davidson Co. She may be the daughter of Benjamin Capps who died in Davidson Co. in 1832. In 1850 a Sally Smith aged 65, is living in the h/h of Eliza Harmon. Possibly Sally Smith is the mother of Eliza.

Sally Harris married James Mouldings Sept. 22, 1806 in Davidson Co. This many be the same Sally Moulton who married Benjamin Capps in 1810, Davidson Co. Benjamin and Sally were later divorced. In 1835 a Sally Capps married John Smith in Davidson Co.

Interested in any information on Benjamin Capps and/or his son John Capps. Benjamin also had two other sons by Sally, possibly named Robert and Caleb Capps. Benjamin was married again to Nancy (Nancy Scurlock? Williamson Co. TN 1824)and left her widowed when he died in 1832. In 1850 Nancy is living in Davidson Co. with her son Joseph Capps aged 18.

Posted by: John Coffey (ID *****6192) Date: September 05, 2006 at 20:09:27
In Reply to: Capps Nashville Davidson Co. TN by Debie Cox of 4131


I can add one other Capps to the confusion:

JAMES ALLEN CAPPS, born in Nashville, Davidson Co., TN, 13 Oct. 1825; married, 20 June 1852, MARY ESTHER GARDNER (1830-1869) of Washington, St. Landry Parish, LA. By profession he was a steamboat pilot on the Mississippi. Ten children known:

MARY ANN PAGE CAPPS, b. 1853 [my ancestor]
JOHN DAVIS CAPPS, b. ca. 1855
LUCY CAPPS, b. 1856
JAMES ALLEN CAPPS, JR., b. ca. 1863
THOMAS CAPPS, b. ca. 1864
CHARLES CAPPS, b. ca. 1866

JAMES ALLEN CAPPS, SR. died on 16 Nov. 1870 and was buried in Washington, LA.

Apart from his birth in Nashville, I have no information on his ancestry, though the circumstances tilt towards Benjamin Capps as his father. My line of reasoning follows: Benjamin is the only Capps in Davidson Co. in the early censuses. His marriage to Mary Moulton in 1810 is the first such notice. (I didn't know of their divorce). The next recorded marriages in the Capps family come a full generation later:Eliza Capps to Jefferson Harman, 1829; Caleb Capps to Tabitha Fowler, 1832; John Capps to America Casbear, 1833; Sally Capps to John Smith, 1835; Robert Capps to Lydia Bess, 1836; Robert Capps (same?) to Sarah Fudge, 1841; and Joseph Capps to Martha Castleman, 1852. Weighing the options, I have adopted the working theory that Benjamin fathered Eliza, Caleb, John, Sally, Robert, Joseph, AND James Allen.

I propose the hypothesis that BENJAMIN CAPPS is the son (or grandson) of either WILLIAM or JAMES CAPPS, both of whom received large grants of land in Davidson Co. "in consideration of [their] bravery and zeal" as soldiers in the Continental Army, or JAMES CAPPS [see "Land Deed Genealogy of Davidson County, Tennessee," vol. 1: 1783-1792, pp.65, 154.]. However, resolution of these problems will only come from dogged research in the archives and records of Nashville.

Anyone up to the challenge?

Posted by: Debie Cox (ID *****9051) Date: January 04, 2007 at 08:29:28
In Reply to: Re: Capps Nashville Davidson Co. TN by John Coffey of 4131

There are documents concerning the heirs of Nancy Capps recorded in Davidson County Minute Book N, pages 507 -512. The case was first filed in Cabell County West Virginia where some of heirs were living at the time of filing.

p. 511
State of West Virginia, Cabell County
Julius W. McCullough being duly sworn says that he intermarried with Mary A. Capps one of the heirs of Nancy Capps decd. late of St. Landry Parrish Louisiana on the 5th day of March 1872, and that his said wife who is now living, is the only one of said heirs who is over the age of twenty one years; and that he is guardian for A. M. Capps, E. A. Capps, Oramel Capps, Jas A. Capps, Thos. G. Capps, Chas. G. Capps and Mattie Capps who are the infant heirs of said Nancy Capps decd.
Taken sworn to and subscribed before me this 2nd day of July 1874.

There are several pages in the minute book covering the matter but they just repeat the basic info over and over, giving the names of the above Capps heirs, but not their relationship to Nancy or any additional information on Nancy other than that she was late of St. Landry Parrish.

You can order copies of the pages from Metro Archives if you wish. The cost for the document is $3. Just give book and page numbers (Davidson County Minute Book N, pages 507 -512) if you order.
You can email me if you have questions.

John, there were Harman's in Nashville that seemed to be connected to Thomas Jefferson Harmon, husband of Eliza Capps, who were riverboat people. I haven't figured out how they are related. These other Harmans married into the Parrish family who were also riverboat folks.

Posted by: Debie Cox (ID *****9051) Date: September 07, 2006 at 18:57:29
In Reply to: Re: Capps Nashville Davidson Co. TN by John Coffey of 4131

In 1840 Nancy Capps (Benjamin's widow) has 2 young males in her househole, one 10-15 and one 5-10. The younger one is Joseph H., still living with Nancy in 1850. The older one fits with the under 5 male in Benjamin's h/h on the 1830 census. Could this be your James Allen? Sounds reasonable to me, but I don't know that it can be proven. Nancy is living near Robert Capps, the one that is purportedly a son of Benjamin. There was another Robert Capps born about 1828 in England that came to Nashville around 1852.

Sally Capps who married John Smith was probably the ex-wife of Benjamin. Sally Smith is living in the h/h of Eliza Harman and family in 1850.

I thought Caleb was a son, based on some family info but now I think the person who passed this on was just guessing. Caleb was born in NC a couple of years before Benjamin married Sally. A bio on Caleb's grandson, Sterling Capps/Caps indicates the father of Caleb was Obediah Capps of NC.

As for the James or William Capps being father to Benjamin, I think that's doubtful. At the time that James and William Capps received grants in Middle Tennessee, Davidson County covered most of the area. The grant to
William Capps, a private in the North Carolina Continental Line was for 400 acres in Davidson Co., on the east side of Tennessee River below Mark Creek. I'm not sure where that is located today but it would not be in or near boundaries of the Davidson County in which Benjamin Capps lived and died. A map will show you the path of the Tennessee River at its closest point to Davidson Co. William Capps sold his grant to John Gray Blount and Thomas Blount and the Blount's filed a deed to the land
in 1788. William Capps likely never came to Tennessee. The grant to James Capps, a corporal in the North Carolina Continental Line, was for 1000 acres in Davidson County on the south side of the Cumberland River about three miles below the Cross Creeks. This also would have fallen outside the boundaries of Davidson County by the time Benjamin came along. This grant was sold by the heirs of James Capps before March 1786, to William Wicuff and Lardner Clark. James Capps also probably never came to Tennessee. There is no compelling reason to believe that either of these men was the father of Benjamin Capps.

osted by: Debie Cox (ID *****9051) Date: December 11, 2006 at 18:08:26
In Reply to: Re: Capps Nashville Davidson Co. TN--Williamson Co, TN by Helen of 4131

I don't have absolute proof that it is my Benjamin who married Nancy Scurlock but the evidence points that way. Benjamin was divorced from his first wife in the early 1820's. We know from family information, census records and estate records that our Benjamin did marry again. A Benjamin Capps married Nancy Scurlock in Williamson Co., in 1824. Benjamin died in Davidson County in 1832 and the widow Capps was among the buyers at his sale. On the 1840 census for Davidson County, there is a Nancy Capps aged 30-40 and she has in her house a male aged 8 - 10 and a male aged 10 -15. In 1850 Nancy Capps aged 47 and Joseph Capps aged 16 are living in the house of John Eakin in Davidson Co. In 1860 Nancy is still living with the family of John Eakin but Joseph is gone. In 1870 Joseph is living in Nashville, Ward 7: Joseph 35 fisherman; M. J. 35; Benjamin 16; Amanda 12; James 8; Minnie 6. Joseph's wife was Martha J. Castleman and this family was connected to the family of Benjamin Capps. Nancy Capps died in Davidson Co., in 1873. - James Allen Capps may have been the older male child in the 1840 household of Nancy Capps. According to descendant John Coffey, James Allen Capps was born in Nashville in 1825.

Posted by: John Coffey (ID *****6192) Date: January 12, 2008 at 09:25:54
In Reply to: Re: Capps Nashville Davidson Co. TN--Williamson Co, TN by Debie Cox of 4131

Just a small correction on the biographical information on NANCY SCURLOCK CAPPS. Debie Cox's previous post of 4 Jan. quotes from documents filed in Davidson County to settle the estate of Nancy Capps. The excerpt clearly states that Nancy died on 5 March 1872 in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana. This makes perfect sense as one of Nancy's known sons was James Allen Capps of Washington, St. Landry, LA. James had predeceased his mother in 1870 and the court documents describe his children as Nancy's heirs.

Posted by: Debie Cox (ID *****9051) Date: January 12, 2008 at 12:18:19
In Reply to: Re: Capps Nashville Davidson Co. TN--Williamson Co, TN by John Coffey of 4131


The March 5, 1872 date is the date of marriage for Julius McCullough to Mary A. Capps - there should be a comma's where I have idicated but as they were not in the original document I left them out as well.

"Julius W. McCullough being duly sworn says that he intermarried with Mary A. Capps(,) one of the heirs of Nancy Capps decd. late of St. Landry Parrish Louisiana(,) on the 5th day of March 1872, and that his said wife who is now living, is the only one of said heirs who is over the age of twenty one years."

Nancy Capps died before Apr. 27, 1871 when an inventory was recorded in Davidson Co., Will Book 21, page 692, by the administrator of her estate, W. C. Turner. There are subsequent entries in Davidson Co., Will Book 22, page 537 and Will Book 22 page 544. The latter was the settlement of the estate of Nancy Scurlock filed in Decemeber 1873 by administrator W. C. Turner.

Posted by: Debie Cox (ID *****9051) Date: January 12, 2008 at 19:12:52
In Reply to: Re: Capps Nashville Davidson Co. TN--Williamson Co, TN by John Coffey of 4131

They don't really say where she died. The words "late of St. Landry" can simply mean recently of, so she could have gone elsewhere before she died. As she still had property and probably son Joseph in Nashville, she may well have died here in Nashville.

Well I sure missed this one, just did a search
She is buried at Nashville City Cemetery,
Volume 5-1870 -Number 262 -Date October 3, 1870
-Name Capps, Nancy M. -Age 66 -Sex F -Race W
-Residence City -Disease Flux -Ave Oak -Lot lot
-Remarks on Parkmans lot --------------------------

osted by: Debie Cox (ID *****9051) Date: October 16, 2005 at 17:49:26
In Reply to: Dowlen 5 generations posted 1748–early 1900’s by Sheryl of 19

I believe the theory that this Dowlen family was in the Waxhaw District came from The Dowland family tree by C. Reid Dowland. There doesn't seem to be any evidence of that. Look in Warren Co. NC records and Bute Co. before Warren was formed. Did not find a Whitmill Dowlen connected with the Dowlen's in NC. although Harris Dowlen did have a son named Whitmell.

Harris Dowlen was likely a child of James Dowlen/Dowlin/Dulin who died in Warren Co. NC in 1793.

James Dowlin first mentioned in Bute Co. NC records 1771. Bute became Warren Co. James is mentioned numerous times in Warren Co. records.

Census 1784-86
James Duling, Warren Co., NC
1 white male 21-60, 2 white males under 20 or over 60, 8 white females all ages, 11 blacks under 12 over 50

Harris born about 1779, probably in Warren Co. NC

Warren County NC, Will Book 7 page 25, 26 Sept. 1793. Nov. Court, 1793.
Sale of the Estate of James Dowlin, deceased. Lucy Dowlin, Adminix.
Among buyers at the sale were: Lucy Dowlin, Amos Dowlin, Antony Dowlin, Selah Dowlin, Harris Dowlin and Martha Dowlin.

(A Celia (Selah?) Dowlin married Shadrack Jones in Davidson Co., TN on April 4, 1803.)

(An Amos Dowlen age 75 is living in Blount Co., TN in 1850- TN Census, Bl-90-715)

The age for Amos (b. ca 1775)is either wrong or he is not the same Amos Dowtin (don't know if the Dowtin spelling is a mistake or is it is a different name altogether)who married Ann Marshall in Warren Co. NC in 1787 as he would have been only 12 years old.

Harris Dowlen married Susan Hargrove in 1799 Davidson Co., TN. She was a daughter of John Hargrove who died in Davidson Co. in 1798. John Hargrove was a son of William Hargrove of Halifax Co., NC.

More on Hargrove family:

The Hargroves were connected to the Harris, Duke and Green families as were the Dowlen's.

Posted by: Debie Cox (ID *****9051) Date: October 23, 2005 at 16:14:49
In Reply to: Re: Harris Dowlen ancestry by Sheryl of 19

Hi Sheryl

Oh don't we all wish for more time! I could easily make family research into a full time job, if I didn't already have one. But it is so much fun when I do find time.

Many of the Warren Co. NC records are on line such as Will Book 7:
Scroll down to the abstract for page 25.
Lucy, Amos, Selah, Harris, Martha Dowlen and Anto. Dowten are listed as buyers at the sale of James Dowlen in Sept. of 1793. James is found in area records all the way back to 1771. Harris later married in Davidson Co. TN as did Selah/Celia.

And the marriage for Amos Dowtin[?]to Ann Marshall is here:

Lots of other record abstracts on the Warren Co. site:

So many of the Warren County families settled in Middle Tennessee counties of Davidson, Robertson and Cheatham where Dowlens also settled.

These abstracts are very helpful. I live near the Tennessee State Library and Archives which is a big plus when I find time for research. One of these days I am going to make a research trip to NC.

Nice to make your acquaintance.


My husband is descended from Harris Dowlin. Anyone have any idea who the rest of these Dowlin's are?

Warren County NC, Will Book 7 page 25, 26 Sept. 1793. Nov. Court, 1793.
Sale of the Estate of James Dowlin, deceased. Lucy Dowlin, Adminix.
Among buyers at the sale were: Lucy Dowlin, Amos Dowlin, Anto. (?) Dowlin, Selah Dowlin, Harris Dowlin and Martha Dowlin.

(A Celia (Selah?) Dowlin married Shadrack Jones in Davidson Co., TN on April 4, 1803.)

(An Amos Dowlen age 75 is living in Blount Co., TN in 1850- TN Census, Bl-90-715)

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Hi Terry, thanks for the email.

A note for the researchers who are descended from Harris (b c1780) or Amos (b c1775) Dowlin/Dowlen. These two lived in Warren Co. NC in 1793. I have found no records that suggest they ever lived in the Waxhaw district of NC/SC.

Harris and Amos were likely sons of James who lived in Bute, then Warren Co. NC as early as 1772. James died 1793 in Warren Co. He was associated with Duke, Green, Bobbitt, Jones and Harris families and others. Other Dowlins mentioned in estate records for James were Lucy, Harris, Amos, Martha and Selah (Celia). Harris Dowlin married in 1799 in Davidson Co. TN, to Susan Hargrove. Celia was married in Davidson Co. TN to Shadrack Jones in 1803.

In 1775 James Dowlin was witness to the will of Joseph Green. Green named in his will a grandson Josiah Green Duke. Josiah Green Duke was married in Davidson Co. TN in 1798 to Sally Hargrove, supposedly a sister of Susan Hargrove Dowlin. I have not seen any record of Amos Dowlin in Davidson Co. Edythe Rucker Whitley wrote in her book, Red River settlers : records of the settlers of Northern Montgomery, Robertson, and Sumner Counties, Tennessee, that Amos came to TN with Harris from the Waxhaw district, but I suspect she copied that information from Reid Dowland's book.

Debie Cox

Not my line, just thought this might be of help to someone.

Will of Isaac Earthman recorded 1835 Davidson Co., TN will book 10, p. 459. Will was written Jan. 19, 1833 and a codicil was written Aug. 13, 1833.

to my two grandchildren William Earthman and Mary Earthman children of my son Isaac Polly Davice (sic) the children of my son John the children of my son Lewis my son Henry the children of my daughter my daughter Polly Cooks the children of my daughter Sally the children of my my daughter Nellys my son the children of my son James Earthman
My trusty friend James Marshall and my son Isaac Earthman - my executors, witnesses Hardy S. Bryan and Chl. Lanier.

Codicil reinforces legacy to grandchildren William Earthman and Mary Earthman and revokes appointment of James Marshall and Isaac Earthman as executors. Appoints Danl. Buie and Jonathan Garret as executors, witnessed by Ephraim H. Foster and Wm. Lytle.
  Following is a list of marriage records issued for the surname Earthman taken from the original marriage bonds of Davidson Co., TN, 1789-1810.

Data is given in this order: the name of the groom, the name of the bride, the date of issue and the name of the bondsman.

Morris, Andrew to Elizabeth Earthman 12/24/1799 Wright Williams             

Earthman, John to Polly Cooke       8/7/1803 Obed Davis      

Cook, William to Polly Earthman       1/21/1806 Christopher Stump

Pinkley, George to Nelly Earthman 5/16/1807 Henry Crommer                           
Earthman, James to Elizabeth Drake 7/6/1807 Thomas White
Lenier, Buchanan to Nancy Earthman 3/13/1810 Willie Harris

Horn, Richard to Sally Earthman 9/15/1810 James McCarter

Earthman, Lewis to Judith Holt       9/17/1810 Christopher Elmore      

Sims, James to Sally Earthman       10/25/1810 Lewis Earthman      
Nathan Fry
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I work at Metro Nashville Archives and ran across a file on a Nathan Fry who died in Nashville, Tennessee about 1878.

There are only a few pages in the file but they give a lot of family information. There is a deposition in the file of John Fry of Licking County Ohio, dated Septemeber 30, 1880. John states that Nathan was the only child and heir of Elizabeth Fry who died March 16, 1839 unmarried and goes on to say that Elizabeth had never been married and that Nathan took her name. Nathan's mother Elizabeth had three brothers, 1. Lodwick Fry born 1797 died April 1854, 2. George Fry born March 1, 1799 and died April 24 1822 and 3. Thomas Fry born July 5, 1801 and still living [1880]. Lodwick and George Fry both died in Licking County, Ohio.
Nathan's mother Elizabeth had five sisters, 1. Margaret Fry died Dec. 1st, 1820, 2. Mary Fry died Oct. 7, 1835, 3. Susan Miley died July 8, 1861, 4. Sarah Pitzer, "namely second Husband her first Husbands name Effinger died June 23 1860.", 5. Nancy Quick and still living. All of Nathan's mother Elizabeth, that are dead, died leaving children. When Nathan Fry died in Nashville, Tennessee there were living only one brother of his mother, Thomas Fry and only one sister, Nancy Quick & still living in Vandalia, Montgomery County, Ohio.

There is no other information on the family in the file and I have no knowledge of them. Just wanted to pass this on in case someone is looking for this family.
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Probate records for Gideon Harris, Davidson County, TN. Two of his daughter married G. W. L. Gower in Davidson Co., TN.
The heirs of Gideon Harris, from the will and county court probate records:

The will was written on October 20, 1853 and presented for probate on August 25, 1866, recorded will book 20, page 366, Davidson Co. TN. The widow is not named only the mention of "my wife." Children named in the will were: Eli, Eliza Ann, Sally, Patsy, Polly and Louisa. A deceased son, Wyatt Harris was also mentioned. A son Wesley Blunt Harris is named separately from the other children, with a bequest of on dollar, with the admonition, "it is all of my estate that I desire him to have." The rest of the estate, real estate and personal property was to be sold and equally divided among the widow and surviving children. He mentions a sum of money, $55.25, left by his deceased son Wyatt, which was to be divided among the other children, as was the wish of Wyatt. Elias Simpkins was named as executor. The will was proven to the court by one of the witnesses, Lewis Williams, who stated he and J. E. Manlove had witnessed the will at the request of Gideon Harris and that he believed that Harris was of sound mind at the time of the signing of the will. Elias Simpkins declined the Executorship and the court appointed Elias Simpkins and Henry Holt, Jr. as Administrators of the estate of Gideon Harris, deceased. The court ordered the will be admitted and the will and inventory wasrecorded in will book 366 and 367.

Additional records found in Davidson County Court minute book J and Davidson County marriage records:
Names heirs: widow, Ailsey Harris, [Her name was given as Elsey McGinnis on the original marriage bond issued to Gideon Harris, 8/31/1829 in Davidson County, TN.]
Children: 1. Louisa Holt, wife of Henry Holt, Jr. [Louisa Harris to Henry Holt, Jr., 9/24/1836]

2. Sallie Simpkins [Sarah to Elias R. Simpkins, 1/9/1844]

3. Eliza Ann Simpkins [Eliza Ann Harris to Joseph Simpkins, 3/25/1848]

4. Eli Harris

5. Polly Gower, wife of G. W. Gower [Polly Harris to G. W. Gower, 3/10/1856]

6. Patsy Gower, deceased, first wife of G. W. Gower [Patsy Harris to G. W. L. Gower, 3/5/1849].
Patsy's children and heirs at law were William C. Gower, James W. Gower, and Martha Anne Gower. G. W. Gower, his wife, Polly Harris Gower, and the children of his first wife Patsy; William C., James W. and Martha Anne Gower were all residents of Johnson County, Illinois in 1866.

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