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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Oeser and Davis families

My paternal grandparents were Ernest Granville Oeser and Ruth Ann Davis Oeser. This is a photo history of sorts for the Oeser and Davis families.  It is not complete as I don't have photos for all the family members. Putting these up to share with others.

Pharaba Ann Tennessee Elizabeth Allen (Grandma Davis) was born in 1834 at her family home near River Road, in what is now Cheatham Co., TN.   Her parents were James Russell Allen  and Mary Patterson Allen.  In February, 1849 at the age of 14, (a few weeks before her 15th birthday) she was married to Milton Stokley Davis.  Her first child, Susanna, was born in February of 1850, when she was 15 years old. 
Pharaba Ann Tennessee Elizabeth Allen Davis.  This photo courtesy of Brenda Harper Palmer.
Pharaba Ann Tennessee Elizabeth Allen Davis.  Collection of Debie Oeser Cox.

Pharaba and Milton had children.  Her son, George Koen Davis, was my great grandfather.

Pharaba Allen Davis, Virginia Olinger Vick Davis, Paul Koen Hicks and George Koen Davis. 

George Koen Davis (Grandpap) was born in 1858 at Pond Creek, Cheatham Co. TN.  In 1896, the 38 year old bachelor married Virginia Olinger Vick (Granny Davis), a widow, with four minor children.

Virginia Olinger Vick Davis and her husband George Koen Davis, Pond Creek. Collection of Debie Oeser Cox.

In 1897, their only child, Ruth Ann Davis (Mama Oeser) was born.  Ruth was my grandmother. 

Ruth Ann Davis. Collection of Debie Oeser Cox.
 Ruth was married in 1916 to Ernest Oeser (Papa Oeser) of Nashville.  They rented a house from Mr. C. E. White, at 1915 Cephas Street in North Nashville.  My Daddy, Ernest G. Oeser, Jr. was born at the Cephas Street house in 1917.

Ruth Ann Davis Oeser and Ernest G. Oeser soon after their marriage in 1916.

My Daddy, Ernest G. Oeser, Jr. was born at the Cephas Street house in 1917. 

Ernest George Oeser born July 15, 1917.
 Mr. White put the house up for sale and my grandparents decided to buy a house across the river.   Papa Oeser's sister Minnie, was selling her house at 1022 Pennock Ave.  Papa and Mama Oeser bought the house and moved in late summer of 1918.

All of their ten children, with the exception of my Daddy, were born in the house on Pennock Avenue.

Ruth Ann Davis Oeser. Collection of Debie Oeser Cox.

Ruth Ann Davis Oeser and Virginia Olinger Vick Davis. Collection of Debie Oeser Cox.

Oeser Family

August F. Oeser came to the United States in 1855 from Germany aboard the ship Mimi.
Passenger list of the Mimi.
We don't know when he arrived in Nashville but he stated in his application for citizenship in 1861, that he had resided here for more that five years.  August purchased a house on Stevenson Street in April of 1858.

Davidson County Deed Book 28, page 272
He made a declaration of intent to become a citizen in September of 1858 in the Davidson County courts.  In 1859, and several years after, he is listed in the city directory and was working for Mr. Gunter a wagon maker.  His name is spelled Easer, Eser and Eiser is some of the early records.  He was literate, but may have had limited English language skills.  He signed his name as Oeser.

In this record his surname is spelled Easer.
August Oeser also purchased property on 8th Avenue South and he bought a farm in Antioch.  I have no photographs of August.  He died in 1884 and is buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery.

Charles Stier lot, Mt Olivet Cemetery, Davidson County, Tenn front

Charles Stier lot, Mt Olivet Cemetery, Davidson County, Tenn. back

Charles Stier purchased lot 4, in section 11, of Mt. Olivet, on November 7, 1884. On that day the remains of George P. Campbell were moved from lot 9, section 2.  He had originally benn buried on Oct. 26, 1874.

Others buried there:

Louie Frederick Oeser, May 5, 1949
Harriett Olivia Rieves Oeser, August 7, 1943
Ernest Louie Oeser, June 9. 1897
Mrs. Minnie Oeser, January 9, 1898
August Frederick Oeser, November 16, 1884.
Child of W. E. Black, July 12, 1886 *
Charles W. Black, September 15, 1886
W. E. Black, April 25, 1908
Minnie Campbell Black, July 14, 1946
William F. Campbell, December 23, 1900
Oliver P. Campbell, April 9, 1907
Birdie Stier Harrison, January 10, 1944
Ernest W. Harrison, October 18, 1941
Frank Campbell, January 30, 1935
Charles H. Stier, August 10, 1919
Ada Oeser Stier, September 10, 1915
Loraine Black Stone, July 18, 1934

Nashville Birth Records W. E. and Minnie Black had a child born July 12, 1896.  I think this is the child and the year is wrong on the card.

 Most of those buried in the lot are family members of Ada Oeser, wife of Charles Stier.

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