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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Remembering at Christmastime

Wishing a very Merry Christmas, to all of the Oeser family.

Papa Oeser and grandchildren (minus ten or so)
As Christmas Eve approaches, I cannot help but remember all the Christmastime gatherings, at the home of my grandparents Ruth and Ernest Oeser.  I have been thinking today, of how much I miss those times, and all of the Oeser family.  Many of our loved ones have passed away over the years and they are foremost in my thoughts.  Remembering  my Mama and Daddy, Lola Mae and Ernest Oeser.  Remembering  my brother Ernest III, and his son Paul.  Remembering  my grandparents, Mama and Papa Oeser.  Remembering  my uncle Robert Oeser and his wife Millie.  Remembering my uncle Jimmy Oeser. Remembering my uncle "Peanut" Paul Oeser. Remembering my aunt Dot Carlton.  Remembering  my Aunt Margaret Allen and her husband Russell.  Margaret kept us together for many years after my grandparents died, by opening her home on Christmas Eve.  Remembering my aunt Ruth Massey and her husband Prentice. Remembering my cousin Terry Oeser. Remembering  my cousin Rusty Allen. Remembering my cousin Sean Ford.  Remembering  my cousins in-law, Michael West and Jack Mencer.  Remembering Wyncie Bouge, the sweet little granddaughter of my cousin Larry. Remembering  Wyncie's grandmother, Darlene.  Tonight, when Jimmy and I gather with our children and grandchildren, I will pause for just a moment to remember some of those long past Christmas Eves.  

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