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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Steele family obits from the Gospel Advocate

Steel, John W.
John W. Steel was born on November 23, 1851; was married to Mary A. L. Buchanan on September 15, 1874; obeyed the gospel of Christ about thirty-five years ago; and died on January 20, 1909. His neighbors and those that knew him well testify that he lived a faithful and devoted life. He was a useful member of the church at Donelson, Tenn., manifesting a lively interest in the prosperity of the cause at that place. He was devoted and faithful as husband and father, exerting a good influence in his family and in the neighborhood where he lived, and a large audience was present at the funeral to show their respect for the dead and to manifest their sympathy for the bereaved family. He leaves a wife, three children, and also many relatives and friends, to bear the loss of one they loved. By all these, and by the congregation of which he was a member, the loss of Brother Steel will be deeply felt. But they will not sorrow as those who have no hope; and if they will all follow his example in faithfully serving the Lord to the end of life, they may meet him where these sad farewells will no more be felt or feared.
E. G. S.
Gospel Advocate, February 11, 1909, page 183.

Steele, Annie Moore
Annie Moore, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Steele, was born on September 24, 1887; was baptized into Christ by Brother Felix Sowell in 1904; and died on June 9, 1907. Sister Annie is said, by those that knew her, to have been an earnest Christian girl; pleasant and affectionate at home, kind and gentle toward her associates, and esteemed by all as faithful in all the relations she sustained. She was in her twentieth year when the fatal typhoid fever carried her into the beyond. She was a treasure in the family, highly esteemed in the church and esteemed by all who knew her. She had attended to the one thing needful, the salvation of her soul, by entering into and continuing in the service of the Lord until death. Thus she leaves to her family and friends the joys and consolations of the precious hope of the gospel of Christ. Let her family and friends also be faithful to the Lord until death, and they may meet her in the home where changes never come, and where sad farewells will never again be said.
E. G. S.
Gospel Advocate, June 27, 1907, page 414.

Steele, Samuel
Brother Samuel Steele died, at his home, ten miles east of Nashville, Tenn., on May 30, 1903. He was born in White County, Tenn., a few miles east of Smithville, now the county seat of DeKalb County, in June, 1822. From there he came to Davidson County in 1846, and had lived here ever since. Before leaving the place of his nativity, he became a Christian, being baptized by Brother Jesse Sewell. On January 5, 1851, he married Miss Mary Binkley. For thirty-four years, hand in hand, they trod the path of life. To them were born ten children. The wife and mother died on August 8, 1884. In 1886 he married Mrs. Kelly (a widow), of Williamson County, Tenn., who in his declining years helped him to pass the time, in sickness and in health, in that way and manner becoming a good wife. Three of his children preceded him to the grave. Brother Steele was loved and respected by all who knew him. His integrity was unquestioned; he strove to do right. His Christian character was above reproach; he read the Book, believed what it taught, and tried to shape his conduct by its precepts. He was an honored member of the congregation at Donelson, Tenn.; and the great number of friends and acquaintances who attended his funeral attested the esteem in which he was held. His family and friends may sorrow, but they should be comforted by the hope that he has attained unto an defiled, and that fadeth not away. May all profit by his example strive to emulate his virtues, covering his faults with the mantle of charity. Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.
James E. Scobey.
Gospel Advocate, June 18, 1903, page 394.